The Love On Tour Dress Code: Outfits To Inspire Your Harry Styles Concert Look

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What does one wear to a Harry Styles concert? Concert fashion is one thing, but as those of us who have been or even simply seen the crowds at Harry's 'Love On Tour,' Harry Styles concert fashion is an entirely different thing. Harry Styles is known for his unique sense of style, and his Styles' on-stage fashion, in particular, never disappoints. Consequently, concert attendees consider "Love On Tour" to be a fashion show of sorts, and they are inspired by the challenge.

Styles fan, Bella Troy-Williamson, who went viral for her handmade concert dress, shared with Refinery29, "I wouldn't spend three months making a dress for any other artist because there's the risk that I would be out of place in the crowd, but I knew that for some reason it would be appreciated and understood at a Harry gig." It's clear that other fans are definitely on the same page. Instagram user @makeupxria ended the caption of her Instagram post showing off her "Love On Tour" 'fit with, "[S]o much love for Harry's fans for making his shows a catwalk!"

If you're attending said catwalk, you're going to want to dress the part. This "fashion show" is more inclusive than exclusive, and it aims to give you a way to express your wild side through your wardrobe. Still, if you want a little direction when choosing your outfit, there are some common themes among the best "Love On Tour" 'fits that can help you channel your inner Styles. 

Show your true colors

The best way to show up to a Harry Styles concert is decked out in clothes that are inspired by the man of the hour. Styles is known for eccentric looks and out-of-the-box ensembles, but more than anything, he loves color. As a result, a look into the audience at one of his concerts shows a bright rainbow of concert outfits. Mixing and matching vibrant hues and colorful patterns is a surefire way to feel perfectly dressed for the occasion. 

Pick pretty pastels

One great way to embrace color –– especially as we approach the warmer weather months –– is to opt for a pastel palette with plenty of different hues. This gives you a slightly more subdued version of a colorful 'fit while still embracing the boldness and whimsy of a bright color scheme. Don't be afraid to pair pastel tones that you think wouldn't normally go together. The light tones will play off of each other and give you a cohesive yet statement-making ensemble. 

Make it a monochrome moment

If mixing and matching many vibrant hues doesn't fit your vibe, that doesn't mean that you have to shy away from color. Maybe a monochrome moment will let you do color your way. Pick a bold hue, like hot pink, bright yellow, or lime green. Create your outfit with pieces in this matching shade –– accessories included. This is a chic way of making a statement, yet it's still got that fun, bold element that embracing color gives you. 

Bring your boa

A feather boa is one of Harry Styles' signature accessories, and plenty of concert-goers consider this whimsical outfit addition to be the perfect way to pay homage to Styles' incomparable style. No matter what you choose to wear, add a feather boa to your 'fit. From rainbow boas to light-up boas and any solid color you could imagine, there are tons of options. There's no need to be matchy-matchy with your boa; use it for a pop of color. And, for a full nod to Styles style, pair it with a matching cowboy hat. 

Incorporate feather boa accents

Feather boas are true Harrycore, but that doesn't mean you need to throw one on top of your outfit to get on board with the trend. There are so many ways to incorporate the fun, over-the-top vibes that feather boas give off. From using a feather boa as trim on your outfit, making it into jewelry, or rocking it as a hair accessory, add a feather boa to your look in a new, exciting way. Harry Styles concerts are all about expressing your fun side through fashion, so don't be afraid of a little DIY. 

Make the whole place shimmer

One of the keys to "Love On Tour" chic is being just a little bit extra. One tried-and-true way to add a little oomph to any outfit is with sparkle. Maybe bright colors and feather boas aren't your thing, but being underdressed for a very important occasion isn't your thing, either. In that case, incorporate some sparkle for just the right effect. From sequined clothing pieces to sparkling makeup or dazzling hair glitter, the recent sparkle-centric trends have left us with plenty of ways to shine when we visit Harry's house. 

Go themed or go home

Harry Styles often treats his ensembles as works of art that show off his creative side, rather than just on-trend outfits. A great way to honor that tradition is to wear a 'fit that's built around a theme. Yes — hearts and fruits have become synonymous with Styles, but those aren't the only options. Dig into the lyrics of his songs, like Twitter user Bella Troy-Williamson did when she crocheted her viral sunflower dress inspired by his song, "Sunflower" (via Refinery29). Alternatively, you can think up another theme that simply fits the vibe. 

Step out in a set

Another way to make your outfit look like a whole work of art? Choose pieces that fit perfectly together. Coordinated sets are a great way to make just a bit more impact with your outfit. Plus, if you don't have much of a creative side, this is a way to rock a bold, coordinated look without having to think of a theme. There are so many sets out there to choose from, but you can also add matching trim or sparkle to a top and bottom in the same shade to make your own. 

Bold boots

If you want your footwear to be your look's center of attention, make sure that your boots are made for walking straight to the stage. From rocking the edgy heavy boot trend we're seeing everywhere this year to donning your fave pair of cowboy boots, boots are the footwear trend most embraced by the it-girls attending "Love On Tour." Go for prints, textures, and colors when choosing your footwear, and don't be afraid to don dancing shoes that make a major statement. 

Match your makeup

Your full "Love On Tour" look goes way past your outfit. These days, there are so many bold makeup trends everyone is trying, so make sure your makeup is as on point as your ensemble. From the trending invisible glitter makeup look to diamond lips, the bolder the makeup, the better, and that counts extra when you're at a Harry Styles concert. Match your eyeshadow to the color of your accessories, rock a bright eyeliner color, or pile on plenty of sparkle. 

Add a little spice to your usual look

When it comes to attending a Harry Styles concert, the average attire might seem overwhelming. Still, you're going to be dancing the night away, singing your heart out, and snapping plenty of photos. As a result, you want to be comfortable and feel like yourself. If you'd rather not go for an entirely new outfit, there are easy ways to update your usual look. Throw a feather boa on over your favorite sundress with some sneakers, or add some color and a fun makeup look to your usual jeans 'fit. 

There's no such thing as 'too much'

Remember that Coco Chanel saying: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off?" Yeah –– that rule does not apply to "Love On Tour." In this case, we recommend adding one more accessory before you leave the house. Dressing up for a Harry Styles concert has become all about fun, so don't feel shy about going for it, and if you're wondering, "can I pull this off?" — feel confident that you can.