Vests As Shirts Are The Feminine Menswear Trend You Need To Try

Vests come in many shapes and sizes. There is the sweater vest that brings to mind that diamond argyle pattern. Those cozy tops are perfect for winter weather and showing off a button-down shirt. Then there is the puffer vest. It is cute and casual outerwear that protects your body from the wind while leaving your arms on display. Although those vests should be in your closet for any fashionable moment, it is the formal menswear vest that is trending. The three-piece business attire drops the suit and tie for a feminine twist.

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift are just a few stylish ladies, all wearing the waistcoat as if it were a blouse. This trend pieces together so perfectly that you'll wonder how you ever wore a vest any other way. You can keep it formal, take a casual approach, and play with the level of masculinity. It won't take long to see why our favorite celebs are rocking this look and why you'll want to.

Formal waistcoats meet cowboy boots

A fun way to pull off a vest as a shirt is to pick an aesthetic to pull it all together, and westerncore fashion is a dandy way to do so. Depending on who you ask, cowboy boots are formal attire, so they pair well with the formality of the vest. This western footwear is also laid back. Matching your shirt-vest with shorts and boots gears the outfit into a more casual lane. You can decorate this combo with western accessories like a concho belt and cowboy hat or bring a city feel with sunglasses and a gold necklace.

A matching mini skirt seals the deal

To add a sexy, feminine flare to your vest, go for a mini skirt. The vest's V-neck and sleeveless characteristics already play into an alluring look. A matching short skirt will create a monochrome outfit that gives you the freedom to pair it with any accessory. For a chilly day, throw on a coat and keep it chic yet comfortable with sandals. You'll have the look of a dress with the fit and flare of a matching two-piece.

Pick a color combo that is loud and proud

The simple and sure way to pull off a vest as a shirt is wearing it with matching dress pants. This menswear article typically comes in neutral colors like navy blue, black, gray, and brown. But to make your ensemble fashion-forward, go for an exciting color combo. A bright green vest and pants are killer. You can pull it all together with matching accessories in shades of a complementary color, like red. Channel your inner Elle Woods with pink heels, pink hair clips, a pink purse, and even pink nail polish.

Pattern just entered the party

If a colorful two-piece is too attention-grabbing for your taste, prints and patterns are a subtler way to bring in creative styling. Let your vest do all the talking, and keep your bottoms and footwear minimal. Flare jeans are trending again, and pairing them with a shirt-vest is a modern way to style them. You'll get the chic look of a wide bootcut silhouette in simple denim that won't overpower your vest. Throw on your favorite sneakers to complete your comfy, casual, yet dapper look.

Run errands in style

Despite the waistcoat's business in the front and back demeanor, you can dress this formal wear all the way down (maybe not to the very bottom — sorry, sweatpants). We're talking about jean shorts. These cutoff denim shorts are super casual and great for a day outdoors or running errands. Wearing a vest as your top quickly elevates the shorts for a simple outfit that looks like it was curated. Adding fun trending fashion accessories will take your ensemble to higher heights, or you can embrace the less is more vibe with just your go-to bag.

Stay true to the business-formal attire

The vest's true family, slacks and a blazer, are on the opposite end of the spectrum from denim shorts. The waistcoat was designed to be a part of a suit. Wearing the vest as a shirt along with the suit jacket and pants is a formal look ready for any boardroom. You can add a little pizazz to your ensemble by having your vest a different color or pattern from the suit top and bottom. Matching heels are definitely the way to go. This look is a stellar opportunity to incorporate trending kitten heels.

To button or not to button

No fashion rule says you have to button up your vest, even when you wear it as a shirt. Ideal for warm weather, you can fasten the middle or top button to give your shirt-vest a crop top vibe. This look is one of the best ways to wear a peek-a-boo bralette, and there are several to match your aesthetic, from sporty spandex to lace. For a relaxed outfit, try cargos and sneakers. Or opt for a skirt and sandals for a more feminine flare.

Menswear with a skirt? Yes, please

Midi skirts do not get enough love. Yes, mini and maxi skirts are gorgeous garbs, but so is a midi. These pieces that typically stop below the knees are tremendous for pairing with a vest. They add a light, flowy, and airy ambiance to the tight, sturdy waistcoat. Since the mid-length skirt is a larger canvas than the vest, it is perfect for patterns and color. Simply pick a pattern that incorporates the vest color, and everything will tie together.

Try an oversized vest

Another way to embrace this vest trend is by going oversized. The extra length pairs well with baggier bottoms. You can create an elevated streetwear ensemble with wide-leg cargo jeans, sneakers, and a jumbo waistcoat. Accessories like a baseball cap or belt play well into this look. Or go the opposite route and try the illusion of no bottoms with the risqué no pants trend. The vest will add a level of sophistication, yet its jumbo size spices things up. It's an alternative tweak that broadens the stylistic wear of transforming your formal vest into a top.

For go a pop of color

If you don't just want to wear your vest as a shirt but want to highlight it, pick a vest that pops. A bright color is the best way to do so. The key to keeping the vibrant waistcoat in the spotlight is styling it with neutral pieces. Gray, black, and white are standard neutrals. Earthy tones like green, brown, and blue also have muted shades that act as even-handed colors. Leave the statement jewelry at home, and voilà. Prepare never to wear a regular shirt again.