Like It Or Not, Low-Rise Jeans Are Still Trending - Here's How To Wear Them In 2023

If you've been wondering how to wear low-rise jeans, you're not alone. This trend is one of the most polarizing styles to return from the 2000s, hot on the heels of chunky platform shoes and baby tee crop tops. The thought of wearing low-rise jeans definitely doesn't appeal to everyone, but influencers and celebs alike have been pioneering their return for a while, including Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa.

Yes, the low-rise jean is once again mainstream, and there's no point in fighting its comeback. Because we've all been covering our belly buttons for several years at this stage, figuring out how to wear low-rise jeans probably feels intimidating. However, there are actually lots of ways to style this rather controversial item of clothing, including some that thankfully don't require you to show your whole torso. 

From Paris Hilton-inspired Y2K looks to outfit inspo that's slightly less early-2000s, here are just a few of the best ways to style the low-rise jeans trend.

Get ready to race with this look

Make your low-rise jeans an accessory to your outfit rather than the star by adding a moto jacket and rocking the trending bikercore look. A moto jacket doesn't have to be full-on Formula 1-style — an oversized racer jacket like the one above is relaxed, stylish, and will add a casual edge to any look. The best thing about this ensemble is that you don't have to wear a crop top. A longer T-shirt or sweater would look just as good layered underneath.

Combine the old and new with this ensemble

Low-rise jeans definitely don't have to be skinny to be on trend, either. Give the 2000s classic a 2020s update by choosing jeans with a baggier fit and pairing them with a tight tank top for an ultra-cool look. Chunky platform sneakers will finish the look off and lend you a subtle '90s edge in the process. You could even get a little more risqué by having the band of your underwear sticking out for a chic take on the thong-sticking-out-of-pants look — another 2000s trend that's recently re-emerged.

Combine two trends in one with low-rise cargos

In case you missed it, Y2K cargo pants are back, and they're even more stylish when paired with a low rise. Casual, laidback, and effortlessly cool, this look can be pieced together with items you probably already own such as a basic tank top and chunky sneakers. The main item is the low-rise cargo-style jeans, but any pair with pockets and a low-rise will work. On colder days, layer an oversized flannel shirt over the top for some grunge flair. 

Get versatile with how you style your low-rise pants

Don't be afraid to dress your low-rise jeans up and tap into the "clean girl" aesthetic by keeping things understated yet fresh. Linen should already be your warm-weather staple fabric, and it can just as easily look casual or formal. A linen shirt over a crop top and low-rise jeans equal an instant lewk. Add heels and a small handbag if you want to make your outfit a little fancier, or an oversized tote and sandals if you're going for more of an everyday vibe.

Bring The Matrix into your everyday life

Look sleek and sophisticated by pairing your low-rise jeans with a long leather trenchcoat (or pleather if you're vegan). If you want to add some extra spice, a corset top is a perfect way to make an ensemble more suitable for dinner and drinks. A trenchcoat is a fashion staple, and corset tops have been super on-trend for a while now, so we don't see either of them going anywhere anytime soon. Finish the look with sneakers or go a bit sexier with sky-high heels. 

Even more inspo for creative low-rise looks

When it came to styling her low-rise jeans, TikToker @laurenlicup chose chunky boots and a light pink baby tee for her first look, all simple items which create a cute, '90s-inspired fit when put together. Licups's third and fourth looks both utilized strapless tops for a more playful Y2K aesthetic. She also proved once and for all that low-rise jeans can be worn for drinks with the girls by pairing them with heels and a black corset-style top.

Embrace all things pink with these stylish outfits

Finally, @londonrileykeller went full-on Y2K with her blue low-rise jeans, a frilly, cropped pink cardigan, and a pink thong peeking out in her first look. Keller's second outfit featured a hot pink asymmetric top — one of the coolest ways to nail the asymmetrical trend in 2023. Though the thong peeking out is also a trend from the early aughts, you can add butterfly clips or chunky platform sliders for a less risqué nod to the era. Her simple aqua-blue tank top look is also perfect for summertime.