Get The Coquette Look With These Dainty Fashion Pieces

You may have heard some buzz lately about coquette makeup, the fresh-faced, romantic trend taking over the beauty world, or coquette hair trends that are inspiring us to sport bows and pigtails for the first time since we were. So, it's probably no surprise that the fashion world is the next to jump on the coquette bandwagon. We all want the coquette aesthetic, and there are so many ways to get it. The coquette aesthetic is feminine, romantic, and old-fashioned in an elegant and whimsical way. Lace, florals, pastels, and flowy fabrics are pillars of coquette trends, and we are all about this sweet, girly, nostalgic look.

From fabrics and jewelry staples to accessories, clothing pieces, and simple details, getting the coquette aesthetic right can involve so many different things, and there are plenty of ways to make it your own. Combining these aspects together can help you embrace a fresh, unique, and delicate look in ways that can both be entirely new while also using plenty of pieces that you already have in your closet.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats were a wardrobe staple before the trend cycle took a turn and declared these easy-to-wear shoes a fashion faux pas. Luckily, they're officially back. The coquette aesthetic and the balletcore trend have femininity and delicate details in common, so it's no surprise that ballet flats are a fabulous footwear choice for folks leaning into coquette trends. Make these your go-to shoes over sneakers or sandals, and you'll have a leg — or should we say foot — up on the coquette aesthetic. 


Ruffles have to be one of the most classic feminine details you can add to an outfit, and luckily for coquette aesthetic fans, there's no shortage of options when it comes to incorporating ruffles into your coquette-inspired look. From off-the-shoulder tops or flowy skirts to hair accessories and even socks, adding a ruffle or two is an easy and surefire way to move your 'fit into coquette territory. Any accessories and clothing pieces that have ruffles big or small can give a simple outfit a more delicate vibe.

Corset tops

In years past, many of us likely thought of corsets as a strange pick for a top. Over the course of the past few seasons, though, corsets have become all the rage, and consequently, there are more ways than ever to easily style a corset. Corsets mesh flawlessly with the ultra-feminine and vintage-inspired details of the coquette look. Consequently, swapping out your top for a corset with even the most basic outfits can look so updated, cool, and perfectly in line with the coquette aesthetic that we all love. 

Heart accessories

Whimsy, femininity, and retro inspo are pillars of the coquette look. So, what better way to hit the nail on the head than with heart-shaped pieces and heart prints? Grab a pair of classic red heart-shaped sunglasses, pearl heart earrings, or even a lacy heart-printed dress to add to your wardrobe. Having heart pieces to use when accessorizing any outfit can make your closet more conducive to the coquette aesthetic and will make it much easier to get the look with the pieces you already own.


Preppiness is "in" these days in brand new ways that tie in whimsy, fun, and uniqueness, rather than the stuffiness or overtly rigid looks associated with preppiness of the past. Headbands are a preppy accessory staple, and they just so happen to pair perfectly with coquette-inspired pieces. From fabric headbands in dainty prints to metal headbands with floral adornments, there's no end to great options when it comes to this timeless hair accessory. Many of them can be the perfect cherry on top of your coquette ensemble.


What's more ultra-feminine and romantic than a bow? Bows are a classic accessory, and they can be added on to an outfit in so many different shapes and forms. Of course, a hair bow is one of the easiest ways to add one to your look. Use a bow barrette for a half-up/half-down hairstyle, or try a bow scrunchy for a ponytail or bun. You can also look for clothing pieces with bow details or bow-shaped jewelry to add to your wardrobe. 

Frilly socks

Most of us think of socks as more of a necessity than a fashion statement, but socks that are made to be shown off are having a moment. Many of us are trying to pull off the tricky trend of wearing socks with heels and may even be investing in some socks that are a bit more fun and decorative than the no-show socks we used to pair with our sneakers. Luckily for fans of the coquette trend, a pair of frilly socks gives you another easy opportunity to get in some ruffles and femme details. 


Surely in seasons past, pearls may have seemed more like something designated for June Cleaver doing her housework or someone particularly fancy getting dressed up for an important gala. They happen, however, to be the ideal finishing touch for a coquette outfit. From a regular string of pearls around your neck to classic pearl earrings to pearl-adorned pieces, there are lots of ways to incorporate them into your look. It may be time to open our minds to the pretty touch they can give to even more casual, pared-down looks. 

Statement collars

A collar can make any outfit look just a bit more buttoned-up, so to speak. Collars can add a splash of vintage, feminine detail to any outfit. And, even if you don't want to sport a collared shirt under all of your outfits to get that coquette effect, there are lots of attachable collars available that can add an extra layer and a bit of interest to anything from a sweater to a sundress. We love a lace collar or this simple Peter Pan collar

Knee socks

Socks are very much "in" these days, and rocking a pair of knee socks is a way to kick the trend up a notch. Knee socks might be intimidating since they give off definite school uniform vibes that may make some of us take pause. Yet, pairing knee socks with knee-length skirts or mini dresses adds such a cute bit of detail, especially with Mary Janes, loafers, or even white, low-top sneakers. A pair of ruffled, over-the-knee socks is perfect for the cooler weather, and we're drooling over these lace socks to sport all summer long. 

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves come in all shapes and sizes, and they're an easy way to add a bit of femininity and whimsy to your look. Dresses with oversized puffy sleeves are the quintessential coquette way to dress for special occasions. However, a subtler puffy sleeve top or dress with a somewhat voluminous sleeve also can be less statement-making, and more a simpler way to soften your silhouette and lean into those feminine, delicate details. A puffy sleeve nap dress is a perfect staple for summer, and a floral top is a super casual way to rock a puff sleeve. 


Lace details are dainty and feminine additions to any look, and adding a bit of lace can make a plain outfit look like a dream. One of the things that makes lace one of the best coquette-inspired additions to your look is how many different ways you can add this subtle detail. From lacy clothing pieces to socks, hair accessories, or even a bit of trim you can use to upcycle an old garment, lace is the coquette aesthetic's secret weapon.

Mary Janes

Until recently, Mary Janes probably reminded most of us of our youth, but these days, they're back in all different styles. The retro, sweet, innocent twist that Mary Janes put on any outfit is the perfect way to get the look and make any everyday outfit transform into a coquette ensemble. Even a simple jeans and T-shirt pairing or your fave sundress can be pushed in an on-trend direction by swapping out sneakers or sandals for the ultimate coquette flat and some visible socks. 

Chokers with feminine details

Not every choker fits with the coquette aesthetic. However, there are many statement chokers with feminine, intricate details that add a bit of sweet softness to your look. When combined with a corset top or even puffy sleeves, a coquette-style choker is a great accessory to add to your already aesthetically on-point look. A pearl and flower option is a perfect pick, and lace chokers will add a little femininity and delicate detail to any ensemble.