Rosette Chokers Are Having A Moment - Here's How To Style One

We heard that florals are back and bigger than ever this summer, literally. The 3D floral trend is all over this season's fashion, with designers adding realistic-looking florals to practically every garment on Fall 2023 runways. Like many early 2000s trends that have made a comeback in modern fashion, this summer the statement rosette has migrated from the runway to the streets (and all over Instagram). Designers and influencers alike are finding new ways to incorporate rosettes into every element of their look, from the sleeves of dresses to the ends of a high pony. But the most popular way to rock a rosette might just be around your neck.

If you're looking to upgrade your accessories collection this season, look no further than the rosette choker. This bold new fashion trend takes the less than groundbreaking floral trend we are used to ("Devil Wears Prada" anyone?) and turns it on its head, bringing the intricate petals into the spotlight rather than fading them into the background of a subtle pattern. If you don't mind a necklace with a tight hold and a larger-than-life flower attached, the rosette choker trend is the perfect way to make a statement.

Use your new accessory to transform any casual look

Some accessories are easy to write off simply because we're used to seeing them in the world of high fashion, but the rosette choker can work for anyone brave enough to try something new and bold. The floral trend may have sprouted across the runway with models adorning oversized rosettes, but they don't need to be large to make a statement. In some cases, a smaller version of the iconic accessory adds just enough flare to a casual outfit.

When you're putting together the perfect beach outfit, don't forget to accessorize. You may not find many flowers poking out of the sand, but they definitely belong around your neck while you're listening to the sound of the ocean. @bytatianatorres shared a photo of her gorgeous black rosette choker, fascinated with a dainty ribbon around her neck. She pairs the small flower with silver jewelry and a black knit top. These accessories take a beach day outfit to the next level — just make sure to remove it while you're sunbathing unless you want a flower-shaped tan line!

Match your rosette with your outfit for a cohesive ensemble

The trend of two-piece matching sets has been at the forefront of fashion for the past few years. From bright activewear bralettes with matching bike shorts to cozy two-piece sleepwear, it's easy to assume we all have a matching set of some kind hanging out in our closets. But every once in a while, two trends collide and create the ultimate trendy fashion statement: enter the two-piece set with a matching rosette choker.

Clothing brand Malibu Juice Club shared one of their stunning sets on Instagram, promising their customers a matching rosette with each purchase. The gorgeous outfit consists of a trendy corset top and a wrap skirt made of the same pink watercolor-like fabric. The rosette choker is rolled out of the same fabric, perfectly blending with the set and tying the entire look together. Score a rosette choker in your favorite fabric, from denim to tulle, and create an ensemble that totally matches.

Turn your favorite scarf into a rosette checker in seconds

We love a good DIY hack, especially when it lets us upcycle an old trend. Silk scarfs were all the rage during the summer of 2022, with people tying up their hair and wrapping their next with the chic accessory. Silk scarfs can be found in practically every color and pattern imaginable — whether you borrowed one from your grandmother's vintage collection or copped a new one at your local boutique, don't retire your silk scarfs this season. Instead, turn them into a rosette choker.

You heard right — people all over TikTok are loving this DIY silk rosette trend. @haleyivers went viral for posting a tutorial that transforms your favorite silk scarf into a rosette choker in less than 15 seconds. Users all over the social media site have duetted the tutorial with their very own transformations. @audreekate followed the viral video exactly, turning her vibrant blue and orange floral scarf into a chic and colorful rosette in no time at all. She fastened her new creation around her neck, instantly rocking this season's trend with last season's accessory.

A silk rosette is the perfect addition to a formal look

Trendy rosettes were all over the 2023 Oscars, with celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rocking the 3D flower on the red carpet. These stars proved that the flower trend further elevates even the fanciest garment. Whether you're getting ready for your best friend's wedding or your very own red carpet premiere, set the diamonds and pearls aside and instead reach for a rosette choker to complete your formal look.

Accessories brand Room Shop shared a gorgeous formal look, complete with their silk rosette choker. The pink fabric of the rose is perfectly complemented by the green velvet ribbon that the model tied around her neck, giving the illusion of a real flower. The sheer chiffon dress gives a stunning peek-a-boo effect to the rest of the trendy outfit while letting the rosette choker stay the focus of the outfit. If you aren't into the eclectic mix of fabrics and styles, a rosette choker can also be a great addition to your favorite LBD or soft floral sundress.

Add some whimsy to your outfit with a crocheted rosette

A rosette choker isn't just for those with chic, french-inspired fits: with the right material, the trendy new style can complement every fashion aesthetic. Silk and chiffon rosettes may be the most commonly worn, but they aren't the only materials that can be transformed into a blossoming flower. Practically any fabric can become a rosette — from folded denim to rhinestone studded satin, the flower's only limitation is your imagination.

One Instagram user took the fashion accessory trend into her own hands and crocheted her very own rosette choker. The baby blue yarn material was intricately woven into a detailed 3D rose, with a soft crocheted choker wrapped around her neck to match. @alaurora_ paired her adorable creation with a pastel floral dress, a pair of golden butterfly earrings, and a soft, romantic makeup look. Her entire vibe reminds us of the popular cottagecore aesthetics that have been all the rage in the past few years. The crocheted version of this trendy accessory gives us a sense of whimsy that is the perfect addition to all the whimsical fashion subcultures from fairycore to coastal grandmother.