All The New Couples In Virgin River Season 5 Ranked By Swoon Factor

"Virgin River" wouldn't have the same appeal without the show's many endearing couples. Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) are the backbone of the series, and Hope (Annette O'Toole) and Doc (Tim Matheson) ground it. These and other "Virgin River" couples create this warm sense of comfort.

Additionally, "Virgin River" often keeps the series exciting and spicy with love triangles, new romances, and long-awaited pairings. It's a show that loves love. The hit Netflix series introduces several exciting new couples in Season 5. Some of these lovebirds developed their relationships in prior seasons, while other romances begin to blossom and sprout this season.

Many of the most adored characters and some new "Virgin River" faces find love in expected and unexpected ways too. These new couples help shape some of the most crucial Season 5 storylines, too. They also have the swoon factor thanks to an abundance of romantic moments, from cheer-worthy first kisses to applause-deserving declarations of love. Simply put, fans will care about these love stories.

This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of "Virgin River."

Preacher and Kaia

Preacher (Colin Lawrence) begins Season 5 by ending his relationship with Julia (Lucia Waters) to start over with Paige (Lexa Doig). However, Paige decides to leave Virgin River for a new start with her son. Broken-hearted Preacher takes some time off dating, but then firefighter Kaia (Kandyse McClure) walks right into Jack's bar (and his heart). The two keep things casual at first but they fall hard and fast. 

Preacher and Kaia start having a sexy, casual fling but soon develop deep feelings for each other. They're a very likable pair, making it unfortunate that they have so many obstacles to overcome. Kaia's soon-to-be ex-husband, Jay (Dylan Bruce), is one of their biggest problems; he consistently tries to interfere with their long-term happiness. 

Kaia's career may also become an issue if she eventually has to leave Virgin River because of it. Thankfully, the season ends with them happy and very much smitten with each other, but all the issues take their swoon factor down a smidge. These troubles may eventually damage their romance too.

Lizzie and Denny

Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) and Ricky's (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) split may have been one of the most shocking moments of "Virgin River" Season 4, but Denny (Kai Bradbury) quickly starts working to win her heart back in Season 5. He previously revealed his Huntington's disease diagnosis and his worries about not having a future with her, but Season 5 starts with Lizzie reassuring him that she wants them to be together. They remain a happy couple the entire season.

This allows them plenty of swoon-worthy moments. Denny and Lizzie are one of the sweetest couples in "Virgin River," embodying the spirit of young love. However, Lizzie shocks Denny (and the viewers) with the news that she may be pregnant. This could put a damper on their intoxicating love fest, because they may not agree on how to handle it. 

Denny's desire to travel and maybe go back to school could also become a barrier for them because she seems happy with her new job in Virgin River. This pleasant couple could also break viewers' hearts depending on what happens next for them.

Brie and Mike

Brie starts Season 5 of "Virgin River" in a happy and loving relationship with Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), but she ends it with Mike (Marco Grazzini). Mike becomes someone dependable for her when she needs it the most. They remain just friends until they kiss after a softball game. Things intensify more when Mike saves Brady by taking a bullet for him, while Brie doesn't leave his side while he's in the hospital.

They are only at the early stages of their relationship, but Mike and Brie are one of the "Virgin River" couples from the book series. This could be an indicator that their relationship is built to last. Brady is also in the early stages of a new romance, but it's too early to call him and his new love interest a couple, whereas Mike and Brie have already developed a strong bond.

This pairing has high swoon appeal because they share a very nurturing relationship that's honest, supportive, and exciting. Their future could be thrilling to watch during the rest of "Virgin River" Season 5 and the upcoming sixth season too. 

Muriel and Cameron

Muriel (Teryl Rothery) and Cameron (Mark Ghanimé) may be the latest "Virgin River" couple that really surprises fans. Their friendship grows as Muriel takes a part-time job at the clinic where Doc and Cameron work. She becomes a friend and trusted adviser to him. The heat between them goes from a little toasty to too-hot-to-touch when she temporarily moves in with him.

Muriel and Cameron ooze chemistry from the moment they're onscreen together. They are also one of the most mature new "Virgin River" couples as they don't let their growing attraction interfere with their jobs. Likewise, they don't simply throw away something that feels right because of work; they do the smart thing by telling Doc.

Not only are Muriel and Cameron mature but they're the type of couple that makes you giddy to watch. You feel their joy every time they're together. This pairing truly feels like two people whose souls just match. Muriel and Cameron are one of the most wholesome "Virgin River" couples and they're just getting started, so there are a lot more swoon-worthy moments to come from them.