HGTV Star Christina Hall And Husband Josh Hall's Cutest Couple Moments

They say the third time's the charm, and this might ring true for HGTV star Christina Hall's romantic journey. Fans initially believed that Christina began her relationship with her third husband, Josh Hall, in July 2021, barely a month after her divorce from her second husband, Ant Anstead, was finalized. But Christina later shared that her relationship with Josh had been blossoming for longer in a lengthy Instagram caption. She explained that she initially wanted to keep their relationship under wraps to foster their bonding away from the public eye.

Christina's latest beau, the dashing realtor Josh Hall, has shown himself to be a doting husband and, interestingly, an awesome stepdad. Some lesser-known truths about Josh Hall include his Californian roots and his previous profession as a police officer before transitioning into real estate. His career change was due to an injury and also led him to Christina, whom he first met at a real-estate conference.

Christina and Josh announced their engagement in September 2021, which she proudly shared in an Instagram post. The proposal occurred during a romantic beach dinner in Montage Los Cabos, Mexico. A few months later, TMZ revealed that the couple secretly tied the knot in April 2022, as Christina updated her last name on her real-estate license to "Hall." Since they went public, the duo's appearances together always exude enviable cuteness. 

Josh Hall defends Christina Hall publicly

When Christina Hall announced her relationship and subsequent engagement, she faced a wave of criticism. Many fans deemed her decisions hasty. One pointedly judgemental comment on Instagram read, "What teaching can you teach your children to change husbands as if you were changing T-shirts?"

Admittedly, Christina's journey to love hasn't been without its twists, marked by three children from two previous relationships. Yet, her determination to seek happiness shouldn't be criticized. Luckily, she found a supportive and protective partner. Josh shared two photos of him and Christina on Instagram, capturing a serene moment where Christina unwinds from her busy real-estate life.

He captioned it, "This woman I get to call mine is nothing short of incredible. No one or nothing will keep her from achieving happiness/success. She doesn't need anyone's validation and certainly doesn't let anyone's disapproval affect what she does with HER life." Josh's words reinforce that Christina doesn't require any external validation, particularly not from online critics. This incident isn't isolated; both have consistently stood up for each other, displaying their bond.

Christina and Josh Hall's wedding

While whispers of a secret wedding surrounded Christina and Josh Hall, it wasn't until months later that they officially celebrated their love with friends and family, proving her marriage was as strong as ever. Although Christina had walked down the aisle before, this celebration blew the others out of the water.

On September 4, 2022, the couple exchanged vows at the scenic Kapalua Bay on Maui Island, Hawaii. "My dream man on the dreamiest island," Christina fondly captioned her Instagram photo of her and Josh in a romantic embrace. She looked radiant in a shoulder-strapped white gown, while Josh exhibited elegance in a cream-colored suit adorned with a lei around his neck. As the golden hour painted a surreal backdrop, they stood atop a unique and rugged bedrock.

Radiating happiness, the new Mrs. Christina Hall appeared as though it was her debut as a bride. The newlyweds shared tender moments, dancing and reveling in their joy. Between a picturesque island sunset, a doting couple, and their children dressed to complement the day's theme, one might argue that it was the cutest wedding ever.

Josh Hall wears their favorite memories under his suit

Just when we believed the wedding was the peak of the couple's cuteness, Josh Hall unveiled an even more touching surprise. Although he's a relatively new face in the celebrity limelight, the wedding provided a glimpse into Josh's romantic nature, revealing his profound appreciation for every moment he shares with Christina Hall. Sometimes, the most heartfelt gifts aren't the grandest or the priciest, and Josh demonstrated this beautifully.

Concealed beneath his suit jacket in his jacket lining was a photo collage featuring snapshots of the couple, Christina's children, and their beloved dogs. Christina's reaction mirrored our astonishment. Speaking to People, she expressed, "It was very sweet and sentimental. Not to mention he looked insanely gorgeous wearing it." Christina reciprocates this affection, frequently sharing photos alongside her husband on her Instagram. The two seem to be reflections of each other in their shared moments. And it's so cute!

Calling Christina Hall his best friend one week after the wedding

The euphoria of Christina and Josh Hall's oceanfront wedding was far from fleeting. Six days after their romantic nuptials, the couple, surrounded by friends and family, was still basking in marital bliss. Josh shared a moment from their extended celebrations on Instagram, posting a photograph of their group by the pool. His passionate caption read, "A week ago, I married the best friend I could ask for, just the way we wanted, our way, and with some of the closest people to us."

While it's clear Josh is deeply appreciative, his tender reference to Christina particularly stood out. She might be his second wife and now the mother to his step-children, but above all, she's his closest confidant. Josh's public acknowledgment of such a profound bond speaks volumes. It's becoming evident that Christina's decision to keep their relationship under wraps until they established a solid foundation was indeed wise.

Appreciating Josh Hall for the little but significant things

Christina Hall returned to the spotlight with her HGTV spinoff, "Christina on the Coast," and accompanying her this year is none other than Josh Hall. In a July 2023 episode, the duo ventured to a luxurious five-star resort, seeking inspiration for a client couple's bathroom renovation (via People). This work trip surprisingly turned into a brief, kid-free retreat for the couple. Given their busy lives juggling work and family commitments, it's understandable why Christina and Josh don't want to have a child together

During their visit, a spa trip led Christina to a wet room that immediately caught her keen eye for interior design. She praised the room's luxurious, high-end, and calm feel. After their exploration, the two took a moment to bask in the serenity of the resort's garden. As Christina savored the tranquility, Josh sweetly surprised her with drinks and freshly sliced fruit. Gratefully accepting the thoughtful gesture, she remarked, "Thank you. Much needed." It was a simple yet deeply meaningful moment, emphasizing that sometimes, the smallest gestures leave the most profound impact.