Don Jr.'s Spicy Comment On Alina Habba Pic Is Beyond Inappropriate

Alina Habba has been called out a number of times for being Donald Trump's worst lawyer (although Rudy Giuliani's recent disbarment makes him even worse) but she seems to have the approval of his eldest son Donald Trump Jr., if his recent comment on an Instagram post of hers is any indication. Habba shared a picture of her bandaged foot at the doctor's office — the caption explains that she hurt herself stepping on broken glass. Trump Jr. saw the pic and commented: "Going viral on the foot fetish websites. (So I'm told)." He also included the crying/laughing emoji, so we're guessing that he was trying to make a joke?


Even as a joke, it's really not the kind of interaction that one typically sees between a lawyer and the son of that lawyer's biggest client. It's also not the kind of comment that you expect to see from a man who's engaged to someone else on the page of a married woman — Trump Jr. is engaged to Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Habba has been married to her husband, Gregg Reuben, since 2020 — yet, here we are.

Many online commenters seemed impressed by Donald Trump Jr.'s off-color comment

Comments on Alina Habba's post have been limited, but a number of people reacted to Donald Trump Jr.'s post with laughing face emojis and many seemed to agree with him — it was apparently what a lot of people were thinking when they saw the picture. Some theorized that Habba's Instagram DMs were full of people asking for more pics of her feet. Others joked that Trump Jr. is actually a member of some foot fetish websites.


Foot fetishes are a fairly mainstream kink, and it's not unheard of for people, even celebrities, to make money from their foot photos. U.K. singer Lily Allen just started an OnlyFans page just for pictures of her feet, so it sounds like if Habba needs a side hustle beyond the courtroom, she's got some options.

Habba seems to have no problem with attention, even negative, for her social media posts, like when she wore a hat with Trump giving the finger to the airport and posted about it. Trump Jr. seems to be following suit with his comment. No public reaction yet to Trump Jr.'s comment from either his fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, or Habba.