The Truth About Demi Lovato And The Bachelorette Star Mike Johnson's Relationship

Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson's relationship has been making headlines. It's not surprising, as, if you consider yourself a Bachelor Nation super fan, you know the franchise's 2019 cycle resulted in a whirlwind of exciting news. From Colton Underwood jumping a fence to go after the woman he loved, to Bachelorette Hannah Brown ending her engagement to Jed Wyatt and embracing life as a single woman, to Tyler Cameron coming out of the woodwork and capturing America's heart (and possibly Gigi Hadid's), 2019 was a doozy. 

Of course, because Bachelor Nation is truly the gift that never stops giving, it should come as no surprise that there's even more exciting news on the horizon — this time involving superstar Demi Lovato. According to reports, Lovato is allegedly following in Gigi Hadid's footsteps and striking up a romance with a former Bachelorette contestant. The superstar songstress has been less than subtle about her crush on reality star Mike Johnson since he was eliminated from Brown's season, and it seems that Johnson is definitely picking up what Lovato is putting down. Here's everything we know about Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson's rumored romance. 

Demi Lovato was a fan of Mike Johnson on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette

Demi Lovato may be one of the biggest superstars in the world with over 74 million followers on Instagram — but that doesn't mean the girl is immune from being starstruck herself! 

While watching Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette in July 2019, Lovato took to Instagram to record her live reactions to the episode — and she didn't dare shy away from expressing her interest in Mike Johnson. In one of her Instagram stories (via People), the star even wrote, "Mike, I accept your rose." After all, there's no reason to be subtle when you're a celeb like Demi Lovato.

In another one of her since-expired Instagram stories, Lovato voiced her admiration of the way Johnson would always pick Brown up and swing her around when they met up for dates. The singer's voice could be heard calling out, "Swing me, kiss me! Boo boo!"

We think it's safe to say that Lovato has been crushing on Johnson for a while, and it'd appear it was only a matter of time before Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson would meet.

Fans are rooting for a romance between Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson

Demi Lovato wasn't scared to admit that she was crushing hard on The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson while watching the Air Force veteran compete for Hannah Brown's heart on Season 15 – and the superstar's fans were quick to voice their support for a possible romance between Lovato and the reality television contestant. 

After Brown sent Johnson packing in an emotional elimination on the July 1, 2019 episode of The Bachelorette, Johnson took to Twitter to post a cute message for his "future wife." The reality star wrote, "[Girl,] you ready for smiles, adventure, comfort, growth, [honesty], laughter, me falling using my inhaler and kissing your stretch marks and imperfections[?] Where u hiding[?]"  

It didn't take long for one of Lovato's fans to see the shoutout to the future Mrs. Johnson and alert the "Heart Attack" songstress, writing, "It's your chance, Demi." Never one to beat around the bush, Lovato responded (via Us Weekly) with an enthusiastic, "I'M RIGHT HERE MIKE I'M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO."

Demi Lovato even made an appearance at After the Final Rose

Hannah Brown had one of the most emotional and dramatic seasons the franchise has ever seen. From confronting a guy with a girlfriend on her first night as the Bachelorette, to getting engaged to a guy who also had a girlfriend when he started his Bachelorette journey, to ending her engagement and asking her runner-up (America's collective boyfriend, Tyler C.) on a date, Season 15 of The Bachelorette was full of surprises.

While the majority of these surprises left Brown in tears by the end of each episode, one rather delightful surprise came when Demi Lovato was spotted in the audience of the After the Final Rose special. To make her appearance even better, the songstress was seated beside Hannah's BFF and fellow reality TV star Demi Burnett — whose Instagram handle hilariously happens to be @demi_not_lovato

Unfortunately, The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson was nowhere to be found at ATFR — a decision that ABC executive Rob Mills called "a missed opportunity." Mills told E! News, "I think Demi Lovato was sort of an 18th hour thing, but still, we should've had Mike there."

Demi Lovato is BFFs with The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson's ex Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown started her journey on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor as a bit of an underdog. However, once she and fellow contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes finally squashed their beauty queen beef, Brown was able to let her genuine, goofy self shine. Plus, her friendship with fellow contestant Demi Burnett just might be the best relationship to come out of the Bachelor franchise.

Everyone wants a BFF as fun and loyal as The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson's ex seems to be — so it should come as no surprise that Bachelorette fan Demi Lovato jumped at the chance to be friends with her. On July 30, 2019, Lovato took to Instagram to post a photo of herself alongside Brown, referencing Brown's fun times with contestant Peter Weber in a windmill in the snap's caption. "I interrupt this social media break with this very important and iconic snap shot of WINDMILL cookies with my new favorite person @alabamahannah," she wrote, "and guess what ... Jesus still loves us."

Brown responded (via Entertainment Tonight), "[So] thankful for your support during this season of life and taking me under your wing."

Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson are dropping clues on Instagram

While Bachelor Nation people are known to date within the franchise — rarely do they venture outside their circle of peers and date a bona fide global superstar (we're looking at you, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid). However, once Demi Lovato expressed her interest in The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson, it soon became clear that Cameron wouldn't be the only former Bachelorette contestant to possibly start up a romance with a mega-famous fan. 

In a move that delighted fans, Johnson started reciprocating Lovato's social media flirtation in September 2019, leaving a cutesy comment on an unedited bikini photo of the superstar. "Look at me like that again," Johnson wrote, adding a winking face emoji. Lovato responded to Johnson's comment with two emoji — one blowing a kiss and one playfully sticking out its tongue. 

Johnson also seemed to hint that a date with Lovato was on the horizon in a comment he left on one of Tyler Cameron's Instagram photos. "So if we do this [double] date, your shirt stays on," Johnson jokingly commented on the shirtless picture (via Cosmopolitan). "No negotiation."

Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson reportedly went on an official date

Bachelor franchise fans know all too well that Bachelor Nation time isn't like regular time. Depending on what's happening within the Bachelor world, days can feel like months, and months can feel like mere minutes. 

For example, in September 2019, it had only been two months since Demi Lovato took to Instagram to tell The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson that she would accept his rose. However, in Bachelor Nation time, it felt as if these two had been high-key flirting for years. So, when an excited, anonymous source took to social media (via Reddit) to report that she had spotted the two flirty stars on an actual date at LaScala in Beverly Hills, Calf., which was also reported by Us Weekly, you could almost hear Bachelor Nation fans screaming, "Finally!"

"They entered TOGETHER through the back entrance for celebs," the source reported, adding details about what the pair was wearing. The source continued, "He was inquiring about her lifestyle, [such as] touring/recording and 'how all that works.'" In a particularly adorable note about the alleged date, the source added, "She was full on belly laughing FREQUENTLY."

Did Hannah Brown set up Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson?

If reports are to be believed, fans of the rumored relationship between Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson have a Miss Hannah Brown to thank. According to a source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight in September 2019, Lovato and Johnson's alleged date actually did happen and "went well" — thanks to some behind-the-scenes work by Brown. The anonymous source explained to ET, "[Johnson and Lovato] had been messaging and then got in touch in real life through Hannah Brown."

However, we may never know for sure if Brown did indeed play cupid for her friends, as the Dancing with the Stars contestant has remained tightlipped on the subject. When Us Weekly asked Brown if she set up the superstar songstress with her former flame, Brown stammered a bit before saying, "Mike and I still have a great relationship, and Demi has been so supportive of me." She continued, "They're both great humans, and if they're into each other, then that's great."

The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson revealed his dream date with Demi Lovato

Whether or not Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson are serious about starting a relationship has yet to be revealed, but it's obvious to fans that there's plenty of attraction to be found between the two stars. Along with flirty comments on social media and that report from an anonymous source about Johnson's alleged date with Lovato in Beverly Hills, the former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star hasn't shied away from addressing the rumors about his reported budding relationship with Lovato head-on in the media. 

During a sit-down with E! News in September 2019, Johnson played a hilarious game of Chubby Bunny, which involved the reality star stuffing his mouth full of marshmallows and attempting to answer interview questions. When asked to give his "best flirty message" to Lovato, the marshmallow-mouthed Johnson replied, "We need to go on a date. I'm gonna have some brownies, I'll get you chocolate chip cookies or something." He added, "And we feed each other, while listening to some dope a** music."

Now, that's something we'd like to see written on a date card! Where's Chris Harrison when you need him?

Is Demi Lovato the reason The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson isn't the newest Bachelor?

Though plenty of people were sad to see Bachelorette Hannah Brown eliminate Mike Johnson, many were hopeful that he'd soon be gracing television screens again as the next Bachelor. After all, the Bachelor franchise had long been overdue for an African American Bachelor, and Johnson seemed more than ready to find lasting love

Still, Peter Weber — better known as Pilot Pete — was announced as the next Bachelor during Bachelor in Paradise's season finale in September 2019. Many wondered if Johnson turned down the gig because of his rumored relationship with Demi Lovato, but it seems that ABC had Weber in mind from the beginning. In August 2019, Johnson revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he hadn't been approached about the Bachelor gig — and a source told E! News in September 2019 that Weber "has always been [ABC's] guy." 

While the thought of not having Johnson as Bachelor makes us sad, knowing that Demi Lovato and The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson's relationship may be blossoming makes us excited for what's to come.