Did Justin Bieber Spoil The Finale Of Peter Weber's Bachelor Season?

The Bachelor finale is almost here, and while Peter Weber has sworn up and down that no one will be able to spoil how his season ends, there is some pretty compelling evidence that Madison Prewett has captured his heart. Spoiler king Reality Steve himself has said that his sources report that Peter picks Madison over the other finalist, Hannah Ann Sluss, although he doesn't propose to her during the final rose ceremony.

While there is a lot of speculation involved here, and even Reality Steve admitted on Twitter that "the whole thing is a mess" as he's been getting conflicting information from different sources, something Justin Bieber said makes it seem like the theory that Peter and Madison are an item is accurate. The pop star spoke to Demi Lovato on The Ellen DeGeneres Show saying, "We watch The Bachelor. [Peter] was at church the other night."

Going to church may not seem like the biggest deal, until you remember that Madison's family is ultra-religious. Madison's religious beliefs even led to her giving Peter an ultimatum as the Bachelor contestant is saving herself for marriage and said she wasn't comfortable with Peter being intimate with other contestants.

Is Peter Weber attending church because of Madison Prewett?

Justin Bieber famously goes to the trendy Hillsong Church, which is frequented by many celebrities. While Peter is a self-professed Christian, he admitted earlier in the season that he struggles with his faith at times. "Honestly, [your faith] inspires me so much," he told Madison (via Refinery 29). "I've been raised in a Christian household and I definitely have faith. I do feel like my faith could be stronger and I do struggle with that sometimes."

Could Peter's recent church attendance be a clue that he is becoming more strongly rooted in his faith because of Madison's influence? Or is all of this just a massive coincidence?

It looks like we'll have to wait for the season finale and the After the Final Rose special to find out what's really going on with Bachelor Peter Weber's heart.