What You Don't Know About Luke Bryan's Wife, Caroline

Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline Bryan, is quite the character. 

The blue-eyed blonde is married to the hit country star, famous for both his music and his booty-shaking moves (yes, his butt even has its very own Twitter account). She's a self-proclaimed "wife, mom/aunt, and best bad influence friend," according to her Instagram account. Her relationship with Bryan is often touted as absolute #couplegoals, and she's a dedicated mother to their two children — as well as their two adopted nieces and one adopted nephew, according to an interview with Bryan and TODAY

Country music fans love Caroline for how real she is on social media — after all, she picks her nose in public, makes fun of her lovable mother-in-law, makes fun of herself, and ultimately gives us all a coveted glimpse into the luxurious (and sometimes not-so-luxurious) life of a famous country couple. However, despite how open she is with the world, there's a lot that you probably don't know about the country crooner's wife. Keep reading to discover more about Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline Bryan.

Caroline Bryan had quite a sheltered childhood

In an interview Caroline Bryan gave to the Get Real With Caroline Hobby podcast, the wife of country music star Luke Bryan said that she had a "very sheltered" childhood in Sandersville, Georgia. 

According to Caroline, she had only had one boyfriend in high school, whom she had dated since eighth grade. So, when she met her then-future husband, Luke, at a bar during her first week of college, she admitted that she was totally "terrified." As she explained on the podcast, it was the first time she'd ever stepped foot in a bar — and, of course, she didn't have too much experience with men. "Luke was the second guy I'd ever kissed in my life, ever," Caroline revealed in the podcast interview. She continued, saying, "So I meet Luke in a bar, and he's such a big personality that I was just staring at him, like, 'Is this guy for real?'"

It turns out that Luke was, indeed, for real. And, just like that, Caroline went from a sheltered childhood to a very public life as the wife of a country music star.

Caroline and Luke Bryan were college sweethearts

Caroline and Luke Bryan's marriage might seem like a total anomaly in when compared to other famous couples, considering the two first started their romance while they were still in college. However, marrying a college, high school, or childhood sweetheart does seem to be somewhat of a trend among country stars, in particular. Luke Bryan is among a list of other country stars like Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Blake SheltonDylan ScottBrantley Gilbert, and Dierks Bentley who have married the people they fell in love with long before they became famous.

Caroline met Luke during her first week of college at a bar called Dingus Magee's, according to an interview Bryan had with HuffPost. It was the fall of 1998, and Caroline was a freshman at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, while Luke was a senior. 

"I got hated on some because he was a big popular guy on campus, and here comes a little freshman," Caroline told Country Weekly (via Nash Country Daily). She continued, saying, "A lot of girls didn't take to me too much."

After taking a break, Caroline reconnected with Luke Bryan

While Caroline Bryan met her future husband during her first year in college, she and Luke Bryan ultimately split up for several years while she finished out her college career and he focused on his music. In an interview on Caroline Hobby's podcast Get Real with Caroline HobbyCaroline Bryan said that she was getting "freaked out" by Luke's marriage talk, as she just wasn't ready for love then.

As Caroline explained, they broke up for "like, five and a half years." However, in a romantic turn of events, they reconnected over the most magical time of year. In fact, some might even call their reunion a Christmas miracle. 

Luke was playing a show at a local Statesboro, Georgia bar over the Christmas holiday when Caroline just so happened to show up. Soon, the couple became "a little less broken," to borrow a line from one of Luke's songs. Caroline told Hobby that "something was different" that night, and she ultimately invited him to her family's Christmas party. According to Caroline, she and her famous hubby never would have lasted if not for the break, as it taught them appreciation. 

Caroline and Luke Bryan got engaged in Nashville

Caroline Bryan's husband, country rocker Luke Bryan, is a pro when it comes to engagements. One time, he even stopped his own concert in the middle of the show to pull a couple up on stage for a surprise proposal. It makes sense, considering Luke's music would suggest that he's a total, hopeless romantic. In fact, his song "To the Moon and Back," is about his love for Caroline, according to the star himself (via his YouTube channel).

Of course, Caroline got the best proposal of them all when Luke proposed to her in front of Nashville's Parthenon replica, according to People. He revealed in an interview that he took her out to dinner and blindfolded his future wife before ultimately proposing to her. Caroline was understandably taken by surprise; apparently, she thought he was going to show her a house, since they were hunting at the time. Fortunately, however, she said yes!

While Caroline admitted in the Get Real with Caroline Hobby podcast that she was spooked by Luke's marriage talk in college, she was evidently ready to marry him by the time he proposed. When you know, you know!

Caroline officially became Luke Bryan's wife in 2006

Luke and Caroline Bryan tied the knot in 2006 when they said "I do" in the West Indies, according to People. The couple then honeymooned in the Colorado mountains — and they've been happily married ever since.

Caroline wished her "handsome, noble steed" a happy 12th anniversary on Instagram, saying that "no matter what the silly argument is, [they] always make up better!" On their 13th anniversary, she also posted an Instagram photo series expressing her joy that her husband is "just as weird" as she is. 

She's taken to Instagram to share her two top tips for a successful marriage, as well: "Have a sense of humor and selective hearing," she wrote, captioning a photo of them pretending to tie the knot at a friend's wedding. She continued, writing, "Many days I swear Luke needs a hearing aid." Hey, we're all ears when it comes to getting marriage advice from these two. After all, they seem to know a thing or two about making a happy marriage last.

Caroline Bryan was the breadwinner of the family when she and Luke first got married

Caroline Bryan was the breadwinner of the family when she and Luke first got married, the country star revealed during an appearance on Pickler & Ben (via Country Music Now)"When we got married, her career supported me when I was making about $10,000 a year," Luke told the hosts. He continued, saying, "She was the one bringing in the dough."

The roles have since reversed as Luke has become one of country music's biggest stars. Today, the country singer's net worth is estimated to be about 160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, Caroline contributes immensely to her family by being a rock for her husband and children.

"She's the perfect kind of stability that I need on all levels," Luke told The Boot. He continued, gushing, "She wakes up at 5:30 and makes the kids lunches and lets me sleep in." Added the country crooner, "My family still really dedicates themselves to me and works their schedules around what I have going on."

Caroline Bryan is a mother of two

Caroline and Luke Bryan are parents to two sons, Bo and Tate, as revealed in Caroline's interview for the Get Real with Caroline Hobby podcast. And it's obvious Caroline loves being a mom, as she's always posting photos with Bo and Tate on her Instagram, sharing their experiences with the world. 

If social media is any indication, she's a very involved mother — pictures constantly show her out fishing with the boys, skiing with the whole familyacting silly over the dinner table, and encouraging her kids to try new things (just maybe not trumpets). Caroline's posts also often feature her mother-in-law, LeClaire, who helps her take care of the kids – for better or worse!  The two of them seem to have a very close relationship, and the funny clips Caroline posts to social media are undoubtedly appreciated by fans.

According to her posts, Caroline's sons seem to have inherited her sense of humor — as evidenced by some hilarious videos featuring the boys dancing around the house in full sweatsuits. Looks like a fun time to us!

Caroline Bryan also took in her brother-in-law's children after their tragic passing

Caroline Bryan's husband, Luke Bryan, suffered a tragic, real-life loss when his sister passed away, followed shortly thereafter by her husband — which left his nieces and nephews without their parents.

According to an interview for the Get Real with Caroline Hobby podcast, Caroline didn't even blink an eye before welcoming the high school-aged boy and two college-aged girls into her family. As Caroline explained, their nephew moved in with them immediately after the loss, and one of their nieces moved home from college to be with her sister while she finished out high school with her friends. 

The siblings lived with Caroline and Luke's friends during that time, so their high schooler niece didn't have to uproot her social life in the middle of an already difficult time. And while they're one big, happy family today, Caroline admits that losing Luke's sister and brother-in-law were two of the hardest events of her family's life. However, family does what family has to do, and this couple has definitely stepped up to the plate.

Caroline Bryan has no plans to become a country singer herself

Caroline Bryan's husband, Luke Bryan, is a super-famous country music star with major hits like "Play It Again," "Crash My Party," and "Barefoot Blue Jean Night," but that doesn't mean that she wants to become a country singer herself. 

While it certainly seems like Caroline would have a successful connection and an easy foot in the door should she decide to pursue country music, the famous wife has said that she doesn't have any plans of going the same route as her husband. "I have no aspirations for anything else in the industry," she told Country Weekly (via Taste of Country). She continued, saying, "My main focus [is] my kids and seeing Luke as much as possible." Added Caroline, "Also, I really have no talent anyway."

If Caroline did decide to pursue music with Luke's help, the two of them could go down in country music couple history — along with other talented couples like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Talk about star power!

Caroline Bryan is not the jealous type

While Caroline Bryan's husband, Luke Bryan, is a total hot commodity in the country music world — and often has women and girls of all stripes going after him — Caroline told People that she's never been the jealous type. While she's aware of her husband's good looks and charm, she simply doesn't worry about his effect on his fans.

"Girls have gone crazy for him since college, so now it's kind of the norm," she said of her country music star husband. Continued Caroline, "He's a beautiful man, and girls are going to see that, and that's just how it is." The country crooner's wife added, "It's honestly never bothered me."

While Luke's butt is so famous it has its own Twitter account, Caroline's initials are reportedly tattooed on it, according to Kicks 105. Plus, as Luke admitted to Parade, she's never been too impressed with his behind — calling it "flat" instead.  However, for fans who might want to grab his famous tush, Luke has a strict "no touching" rule for meet-and-greets (via Us Weekly).

Caroline Bryan is quite outdoorsy herself

Like Luke Bryan, who has a song called "Huntin', Fishin,' and Lovin' Every Day," Caroline Bryan is a total outdoors lover, too. 

"I'm an outdoors person, but I'm not a hunter," she admitted to Country Weekly (via Nash Country Daily). She continued, revealing, "I'm not going to kill anything. I can't." However, her aversion to hunting seemingly hasn't stopped her from enjoying the great outdoors with her family. She's constantly sharing Instagram videos of her and her kids out in the woods sporting hunting gear and painted faces.

That said, it makes sense that. Caroline can't bring herself to hunt and kill animals, as it's clear she is very much an animal lover. She even opened up her own charity barn, Brett's Barn, in honor of her brother's daughter, Brett, who passed away at a very young age, (via Get Real with Caroline Hobby). Established in 2017Brett's Barn is open to sick and disabled children who are welcome to come and pet the animals they love, according to its website.

Caroline Bryan goes big for birthdays

Caroline Bryan thinks bigger is better as far as birthdays are concerned. More specifically, she really loves celebrating husband Luke Bryan's birthdays with big, totally obnoxious birthday cakes. 

"She gets really, really thoughtful with birthdays," Luke told Taste of Country radio. He continued, saying, "And she gets really, really creative with birthday cakes." Apparently, these cakes are so creative that Bryan said he can't even post pictures of them on social media half the time. According to the couple's local bakery, The Sweet Divine, one of the cakes was a giant toilet with feces in it. Some edible toilet paper sat at the foot of the edible toilet, just beside the edible plunger, and the cake reportedly read: "Holy sh*t, you're getting old!"

While it didn't necessarily look good, it definitely sounds like it tasted good. The cake was made of chocolate chip cookie dough with homemade fondant, bakery co-owner, Jenna Siebert, told Feast. Caroline thanked Siebert for her husband's birthday masterpiece with backstage passes for her and her daughter, who are both huge country music fans. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal — pun totally intended. 

Caroline Bryan has a funny bone

Caroline Bryan is a total prankster! Becky Sweet, wife of Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet, said in an interview for the Get Real with Caroline Hobby podcast that her dear friend Caroline pranks her (and others) all the time. As an example, Sweet said Caroline finds inappropriate car magnets and sticks them to cars in the parking lot of the school.

In Caroline's own interview on the podcast, she admitted to dressing up as a giant teddy bear and scaring everyone in her family — and she's also been known to trick Bryan with the old nail-polish-coating-on-the-soap-bar trick. However, Caroline doesn't always get away with her pranks unscathed. Her family and friends have gotten her back — but it's safe to say she had it coming.

Recalling the "worst one," Caroline told Hobby, "I am petrified of snakes ... like terrified to the core of a snake." Luke Bryan's wife continued, saying, "I'm sitting at the kitchen counter pegging bills or doing whatever and [Luke] goes, 'Baby!'" Added Caroline, "I turn around, and there was a snake [...] and to me that's just crossing a line."

Caroline Bryan once got attacked by a crazy turkey

Caroline Bryan might love animals — but apparently, those animals aren't always in the mood for love!

In June 2020, Caroline shared a video on social media (via Taste of Country), which she captioned, "My turkey, Al, attacked me last night and hit a tendon in the back of my leg, and now I can't walk at all." Fortunately, her friend came by to help her clean the wound and show Luke Bryan how to take care of his wife — who ultimately ended up on crutches after the attack.

Al (or King Albert, as Caroline sometimes calls him on Instagram) has been a big part of the family for quite some time — and Caroline frequently posts photos and videos on Instagram with her barn animals, showcasing her love-hate relationship with her turkeys. However, Caroline seems to still be bitter toward Al. She calls the turkey "psychotic" and even posted an Instagram photo squaring him up, making it hilariously clear that she's no longer putting up with any of Al's crap. You tell him, Caroline!