What's Known About Barron's Health After The Trumps' Positive COVID-19 Tests

The world woke up to the startling news Friday that President Trump and First Lady Melania had tested positive for coronavirus. Obviously we are left with plenty of questions, one of which is how Barron Trump is doing in the wake of his parents' scary health news. According to People, Barron, as well as Ivanka Trump, have both tested negative for COVID-19 as of Friday, October 2. About the 14-year-old only son of Donald and Melania, the First Lady's chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, said, "All precautions are being taken to ensure he's kept safe and healthy." But what exactly does that mean?

We know the Trumps started quarantining at the White House. According to USA Today, the President's top advisor, Hope Hicks, tested positive the day before he did, which is when the Trumps began their quarantine process. But when is the last time Barron was with his parents?

What the Trumps did leading up to their diagnosis

At the debate on Tuesday night, photos abound of Trump's other children seated in the Cleveland auditorium (via Fox 8). Although CNN reports the family accompanied the President on Air Force One to Ohio for the debate, it's not clear if Barron was on the manifest. It's worth noting that Trump would have been tested before the debate. The New York Post reports that the day before the Trumps tested positive, the President attended at fundraiser in New Jersey, and presumably was not with his son. 

We know now that Trump was with many of his close aides leading up to his positive test. Former adviser Kellyanne Conway has subsequently revealed her COVID-positive test result, as has Chris Christie — who is currently hospitalized as a precaution due to his asthma, according to CNN. Three Senators have tested positive as well, reports CNN. The circle could extend further, but at time of writing, this is what we know.

As far Barron is concerned, he may have been in school over the past several days or weeks — it's been reported that St. Andrew's Episcopal, where he is a student, is preparing for a hybrid learning model, set to commence in a few weeks. We don't know if Barron is being isolated at this time.

Social media lashes out at Barron Trump

Sadly, social media has not been kind to Barron following his parents' diagnosis. "Barron testing negative shows just how little time his parents probably spend with him," one Twitter user posted. "When is the last time he actually saw his parents?" another asked about the 14-year-old. Another tweeter took thing even further by suggesting Barron doesn't even care about his parents' health. Many others of course have said they think Trump deserves getting the virus, and have even gone so far as to declare they hope he dies — which can't be easy for the young man to read, if he has seen the comments (via New York Post).

Surprisingly, it's been Chelsea Clinton who has come to Barron's defense in recent days regarding mean treatment — after all, who else knows as well the cruel things people say about a child whose father is in the White House? On the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast, Clinton said she feels "very protective" of Barron, and shared some of the horrible things people have said to her (via Independent). "Like, 'I wish you were dead.' 'I wish your mother aborted you.' 'I wish you had died in Benghazi and then maybe your mother would have had a different reaction.'"

About Barron, she said, "I think he was 11 when his dad won and that's a year younger than I was when my dad took office. Like, he's a kid. Don't objectify this kid. I think he just turned 14. He's a teenager, leave him alone."

President Trump's prognosis seems good at this time

The good news is that for now, President Trump is said to be in good spirits, and full of energy, per his chief of staff Mark Meadows (via The New York Times). The White House has declared that both Donald and Melania Trump are "feeling well," according to CNN. And Melania shared via Twitter, "Thank you for the love you are sending our way. I have mild symptoms but overall feeling good. I am looking forward to a speedy recovery." 

On Saturday, Trump's physician Dr. Sean Conley updated Americans that Trump is working while hospitalized at Walter Reed, and in general had encouraging news to share. Sunday, Fox News reports Dr. Conley shared another update on the President's condition, saying he could return to the White House as early as Monday, October 5.

Here's wishing him and Melania a speedy recovery, and of course, that Barron and the rest of Trump's family — and anyone he came in contact with — stays healthy as well.