The Truth About Terry Bradshaw's Unconventional Wedding To Tammy Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is one of the biggest icons in NFL history, widely regarded as one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks, with four Super Bowl titles under his belt during a six-year tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers, per The Cinemaholic. Bradshaw, who has an impressive net worth, has been even more busy in retirement, winning a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality/Analyst three times thanks to his highly-regarded work as a commentator for Fox NFL Sunday (via NBC), as well as popping up on The Masked Singer in 2019.

Fans have been gifted a look at the former football star's home life on his E! reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch, which focuses on Bradshaw, his wife Tammy, and their three daughters as they navigate life on their massive, 800-acre Texas ranch, complete with the requisite menagerie of animals. Tammy is his fourth wife, and it took 15 years of dating for the legendary sports star to propose to her, but when the happy couple finally made it down the aisle, it was nothing short of iconic.

Terry and Tammy Bradshaw's wedding was no fuss, no muss

Terry Bradshaw's three previous marriages were such a disaster that the former athlete was understandably hesitant about diving in headfirst again. As a result, as he explained to Closer Weekly, Bradshaw dated Tammy for over a decade — without even living with her! — while he got re-accustomed to the idea of marriage. Tammy never pushed the issue, however, choosing to be patient with her man while he sorted himself out. The couple initially bonded over their shared heartbreak, since both of them were suffering through painful divorces when they met, so her sensitivity is understandable.

As Bradshaw admitted, "When I was getting close to her, I'd run and hide for six weeks, then come running back. I said, 'There's nobody getting their hands around my heart again.'" Finally, on a random day, as they were passing each other in the hallway, Bradshaw turned to Tammy and told her, "Oh listen, we're getting married Tuesday in Hawaii." They traveled over, Tammy pointed out they needed a license, they acquired one, and that was that. "I'd already called my preacher. It was fun!" Bradshaw recalled.