Diamond Expert Ranks The Real Housewives' Engagement Rings

While the Real Housewives are no more "real" than the cast of any other type of reality show, and some of them are no longer even wives (Yolanda Hadid, Adrienne Maloof, Shannon Beador, Sutton Stracke...the list goes on and on), most of these ladies have had someone (a very wealthy someone) put a ring on it at some point, and they've managed to hang onto the rings even if they did give their men the boot.

If there's one thing a Real Housewife knows, it's bling (as opposed to a real real housewife, who is more conversant with crumb-filled minivans, toilet plungers, and frozen pizzas). But what does their bling, specifically, the sparklers they received when they agreed to take on (if only temporarily) that "housewife" status, say about each woman? Engagement ring expert Michelle Demaree, founder and CEO of Miss Diamond Ring, says she's "seen every diamond shape, size, and color you can imagine," and tells us that "the one thing I've learned about diamonds is that every woman's style reflects a certain something about who they are and what type of statement they want to put out to the world." She took a look at five of the rings belonging to some of the best-known housewives and gave us her take on the image they portray.

The Duchess of Diamond Drama

Demaree describes Erika Jayne's large, dramatic ring as a sparkler with a 4 to 5 carat marquise center stone that seems to be "kissed by two ½ carat feminine pear shapes." She estimates that the ring's total diamond weight comes in around 6 carats, and calls the ring "a bold statement that deeply aligns with Erika's massively alluring personality." She characterizes such a three-stone ring as having "a timeless look," and one that could be seen as "representing past, present and future." Demaree concludes her assessment by congratulating Jayne on having 'the most beautiful representation of a marquise out there," which is probably the least you can expect if you marry a multimillionaire who's more than twice your age.

The Princess of Prestigious Sparkle

Dorit Kemsley, according to Demaree, "is known for having an eye for high-quality," and says that her enormous 13-carat ring certainly demonstrates this. Demaree says that Dorit's ring has a center made up of a " gorgeous 5-6 carat Emerald Cut stunner," one that's likely a VVS1 or VVS2 (Your Diamond Teacher says this is a measure of clarity, with VVS1 being the top grade) and a D, E, or F in color (James Allen jewelers says these letters represent the most colorless, thus rarest and most precious, of diamonds.)

Dorit's stone center stone is "kissed by two hand sourced, eye clean tapered baguettes," and Demaree says these "draw the eye in like nothing else." Along with her "classic" three-stone ring, Dorit also wears a matching emerald-cut eternity band set with about 7 total carats' worth of 40-point diamonds. Demaree characterizes this combo as one that "screams prestige," and says it shows that "her man spared no expense to make sure it's known that she's taken!" Perhaps that's why they're still together... though if the couple's house-flipping venture doesn't pan out, their million-dollar debts could put a little strain on the relationship no matter how high-class Dorit's diamond may be.

The Empress of Glitter & Glam

Demaree admires how Kyle Richards "regularly double fists her diamond fetish," rocking a double-haloed colorless elongated radiant cut diamond on her left hand (approximately 7 total carat weight, with 70 facets), a ring Demaree calls "a head turner with tons of finger coverage." On the other hand (literally, not metaphorically), Kyle wears what Demaree sees as being a "medieval-inspired" 5 carat round solitaire, a "power ring" that's " designed to empower, protect & embolden her soul-source." Demaree claims that these two rings, worn together, "show off [Kyle's] feminine balance of badass boss & feminine, nurturing love-source" and calls the born-into-big bucks Housewife "a Mogul-Mom leading LA society," as well as "an LA-Leading Lady of Luxury."

The Baroness of Eclectic Sparkle

According to Demaree, Lisa Rinna "marches to her own beat and doesn't change to suit those around her," and gives as an example Lisa's "attraction to vintage estate style rings." She describes several of the rings Lisa has worn throughout her run on RHOBH, including a 6 carat east/west set marquise solitaire diamond that's "a truly classic and vintage cut with massive finger coverage."

Another favorite ring is a 3 carat cushion-cut piece that Demaree says "seems to be the original engagement ring," citing its "more traditional wedding vibe." She describes cushion-cut stones as " romantic stones meant to catch the light," and says that this stone suits Lisa R's "effervescent personality & IDGAF smile." Demaree feels that both of the rings "showcase Lisa's desire to go where her heart takes her," but says they also show how she "stay[s] true to herself."

The Queen of Ring Bling

Demaree saved for last the diamond worn by Lisa Vanderpump, the former Housewife who spun off into her own series, Vanderpump Rules. Lisa V's 15 to 18 carat emerald cut diamond is something Demaree describes as being both "regal and timeless" and "truly 'bodyguard status." She calls the ring "a rarity" due to its extreme clarity and near-flawless (and colorless) quality.

Demaree explains that the ring's bezel halo of diamonds not only protects the center stone but also serves to make it sparkle even more brightly, and compares that stone's emerald cut to "a hall of mirrors," one that "offer[s] a more elegant light refraction" than that provided by more traditional round, cushion, or oval shapes. The emerald shape is one she calls an "honest cut" because with this shape "you cannot hide a single flaw...what you see is what you get," and draws a parallel to Lisa herself: "What you get with both Lisa and her ring is perfection." In Demaree's expert opinion, Lisa Vanderpump's giant rock "flawlessly takes the lead amongst the pack." Even though she's no longer hanging out in the RHOBH henhouse, it seems as if Lisa Vanderpump still rules the roost when it comes to blingy rings.