The Real Reason Barry And Kim Plath Left Their Church

Fans of TLC's surprise hit Welcome to Plathville will know that central family the Plaths, similar to fellow reality stars the Duggars, base their entire existence around their faith. The first season showcased how the Plath family eked out an idyllic life together, by their own definition, on an isolated farm in Georgia. The gaggle of kids were all incredibly well-behaved, home-schooled, and utterly focused on serving God above all else.

Things look slightly different in season 2, with kids Ethan, Micah, and Moriah all forging new lives for themselves outside the bosom of their family. Daughter Lydia remains devoted to her faith, with her so-called "prayer closet" creating quite a stir online. Puzzlingly, though, it's unclear which faith the Plaths actually practice. They haven't mentioned a particular church on the show, nor have they been filmed visiting one. So what happened to make Barry and Kim stop attending a formal service?

Traditional churches weren't strict enough for the Plaths

Daily Soap Dish notes that the Plath parents have confirmed they are Christian and belong to a Baptist church, but they haven't confirmed which branch in particular. Distractify notes the same, reporting that the family website (currently down) says their faith informs "major life decisions" just as much as "minor, day-to-day choices." Woman's Day further clarifies the situation, noting that the Christian fundamentalists prefer attending smaller home churches instead of larger, organized congregations because, according to Ethan, his parents "didn't agree with how a regular church system functioned."

The Duggars identify as independent Baptists, and given the Plaths' propensity for Southern gospel music, they might do likewise. However, Your Tango advises that Barry and Kim have also been linked to controversial organization No Greater Joy Ministries, which was founded by Michael and Debi Pearl, authors of the highly criticized parenting book To Train Up A Child. Either way, it seems the Plaths walked away from a traditional church environment because it simply wasn't strict enough for them. At home, they're in control of how their faith is practiced.