Here's What Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes' Relationship Is Like Now

Singer LeeAnn Rimes recently opened up about her mental health struggles with anxiety and depression, detailing how they eventually took a toll on her marriage to Eddie Cibrian. "At one point, there was such a weight on my marriage," Rimes told People. The country singer has battled depression since she was a teenager and once stayed in a mental health facility for 30 days in 2012 (via OK Magazine). "Eddie and my friends and those close to me experienced pain through my eyes. They weren't exempt from it."

The recent Masked Singer winner (via CNN) shared that she was motivated to seek out professional help after she began to realize how co-dependent she was on her husband and family to make her healthy. "When we're in our own world and in our depression and anxiety, it can be very isolating, and a very self-absorbed situation," said Rimes. "I had a lot of co-dependency. My first night in treatment was the first night I'd ever been alone. There was a lot of healing to do."

LeeAnn and Eddie are not 'stronger than ever'

Rimes, who has been married to Cibrian since 2011, attributed her mental health struggles to a plethora of things, including her high-pressure career as a young music star, her parents' divorce, and her own divorce in 2010 from Dean Sheremet in 2010 (per People). She added that the healing continued after leaving the facility, as she made her self-care a constant practice. "That had to happen when I came home," she stated. "I needed a lot of understanding and openness to see how others had been affected around me."

Now, Rimes credits a routine of Yin Yoga, breath work, and prescribed anxiety and depression medication as major factors in maintaining her mental health, adding that she was currently in a good place, both with herself and in her marriage to Cibrian. 

"By being able to care for my own body and not expecting Eddie to do it for me, we've been able to become better partners," she shared. "Eddie is a rock. And we're not so enmeshed. We can build our own selves up and I think that's so important. We're stronger than ever."