What Chris Harrison Has To Say About Who The Next Bachelorette Will Be

We're still shocked about The Bachelor's last episode that sent frontrunner Katie Thurston home. As real estate broker and Bachelor star Matt James eliminated her during their one-on-one date, where they pranked pal Tyler Cameron, viewers everywhere were stunned by the decision. Now, rumors are swirling about Katie being the next Bachelorette — with fans of her boldness and sex positivity calling for the decision on social media (via People). Even more, there are various unconfirmed reports of the news being announced at the infamous "Women Tell All" (via Us Weekly). 

A bank marketing manager from Renton, Washington, Katie is known for showing up with a vibrator during her first impression with Matt, confronting rivals like "Queen" Victoria, and defending girls in the house against bullying. The daring, authentic contestant has won viewers' hearts, so it's no wonder they're calling for Katie to be the next Bachelorette (and we know that would be a fun season). However, in an interview with Extra, host Chris Harrison quickly dispelled the speculation — and we might be kind of bummed about it!

So, who is the next Bachelorette?

Chris Harrison told Extra that they "did not name [Katie] or anybody the next Bachelorette during the 'Women Tell All' special. In fact, we didn't even talk [about] who was the next Bachelorette." So, it seems like any details on the next Bachelorette season are still being ironed out, and will remain under wraps for the time being. So if you were excited for the deliciously dramatic special for its Bachelorette scoop, you might not get much from it.

Harrison also spoke to Katie personally, and told Extra that "she was in the hot seat as were several other women... I didn't even ask her if she wanted to be the Bachelorette or even if she wanted to do that." Although, it still might be Katie for all we know; according to Harrison, the decision is still up in the air. While many are asking who the next Bachelorette will be, Harrison simply said "there's a large debate still going."

Even though we were more-than-a-bit excited for the possibility of the fearless, hilarious Katie being the next Bachelorette, it seems like we just have to settle for current Bachelor drama for the time being (aka Heather Martin's surprise arrival) — and we're more than okay with it.