Shea And Syd McGee Reveal Why They Can't Watch Home Makeover Shows

Home renovation shows are big business right now, particularly given the all-conquering HGTV network. Dream Home Makeover is Netflix's attempt at cashing in on the craze and, predominantly thanks to lovable central couple Shea and Syd McGee, it's proven ludicrously popular for the streaming giant. Their success story is impressive, with the McGees risking everything to make their dreams come true and, eventually, managing to pull it off against the odds. 


As Shea told People, "Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be here now." She elaborated, "We hoped to provide for our family, have some clients, maybe sell some products. But to have people from all over the world reaching out to us and telling us that we've inspired them to pursue a new career, or a new path, or design their home, I mean, that's incredible." They might be passionate about their work, but the McGees are no longer big on home renovation shows in general.

Dream Home Makeover has ruined the magic for them

Or, to be more specific, Shea and Syd McGee are not too pushed to watch other shows outside of filming their own. Speaking to The Oprah Magazine, Shea acknowledged that, because they now know how the sausage is made, the relaxation factor most Americans get from watching home renovation shows is stubbornly elusive to the couple. When they try to watch other makeover shows, Shea admitted, "We're like, 'We know what they did there.'" The busy working mother added, "Before, I could turn off my design brain. Now I can't. It took away the magic." 


Of course, the McGees don't regret their decision one bit. One aspect of the process Shea really enjoys, from a reality TV standpoint, is the big reveal. As she explained, "Prior to the show, we'd walk our clients through, but it wasn't as much of a surprise. They were there from the messy middle to the end. The surprise reaction was a highlight for me. It was so fun to watch them see this completely transformed space." Maybe they can't watch home renovation shows anymore, but the McGees have found something much more satisfying through making their own.