This Is Joe Giudice's New Girlfriend

It's February, it's freezing, we're still in a panini (and also in a pickle), but it seems that love is still in the air. Not only do we have former Queen of the Jersey Housewives Teresa Giudice posting a Valentine's ode on Instagram to the new man she's been playing house with, but we also have her former hubby Joe posting his own Instagram tribute to finding amore, Italian style. As Joe told his lady love (cc-ing his 482,000 followers and anyone else who happened to be scrolling through his page), "Thank you for accepting me and not trying to change me. Thank you for seeing the best in me. I love the way your eyes light up when We together. I love hearing about what matters to you. "

This isn't the first time Joe has mentioned the fact that he's been seeing somebody. US Weekly speaks of a Dec. 23 Instagram post of Joe's (which now appears to have been removed) where he posted a pic of his new "friend" along with the vague, yet inspirational, message: "Biggest-life LESSONS Quality over Quantity Happiness doesn't depend on wealth. Put it behind you and move on. love yourself to know what you want!" Coincidentally (or not), this post appeared just a day after Teresa and Luis Ruelas made things Insta-official. Still, the big news with Joe's latest post is that he's made it very clear that he's not only dating, but that he's very much in love.

Teresa G is happy for Joe

It would seem that even Joe Giudice's ex couldn't be more pleased at the news of his newfound happiness. Teresa, who gushed about her new boo "showing me that it can be Valentine's Day every day when I'm with you" (which sounds like the lyrics to a Blake Shelton song), greeted her ex's equally gushy "My life is so much better because you are here with me...Happy Valentine day amore" with two heart emojis.

It really is good to know that even after having their marriage collapse in a televised train wreck, the former couple apparently hold no animosity whatsoever towards one another. While it does not seem as if these two ladies have met at this point, it's quite possible that they could get along pretty well should they ever get together. After all, according to E!, Joe's new squeeze is actually a big fan of his former wife.

Who is Joe Giudice's new lady love?

So who is this mystery woman who's captured Joe's heart? People says her name is Daniela Fittipaldi and that she's Italian, which is no surprise — you'll recall that Joe was deported back to his native land after serving time for shady financial dealings. As Joe Giudice told E! about the inevitable collapse of his marriage after such a separation, "If I was living there, it would be a different story, but I'm not. I'm over here, eight hours away in Italy, full of a bunch of Italian women."

Well, it seems he finally picked one out of the bunch, and, conveniently enough, she is an attorney. This is something that could come in quite useful with all of the ventures Joe's got going on, such as selling furniture, selling sex toys, contemplating a run for president, you know, stuff like that. Not to mention, her skills could be a real life-saver for Joe if it turns out that he hasn't entirely mended his law-breaking ways.

How the couple's relationship is progressing

The couple have been, as Joe said, "not really dating,, seeing each other or whatever" since the summer, as sources told US Weekly. Well, things certainly seem to have intensified since that time. Fittipaldi's first meeting with two Giudice daughters (Milania and Gia) took place back in November, at which time, according to insider info, "They all bonded really well." Apparently Fittipaldi also celebrated Thanksgiving (not really an Italian holiday) with Joe's family.

In Joe Giudice's Valentine's post, he refers to the fact that he's apparently become close to Fittipaldi's nearest and dearest, as well. As he told her, "I am thankful for you and your family." (Here's hoping her family feels the same way about him.) Joe also referenced his girlfriend's growing involvement with the next-gen Giudices, as he went on to say "most of All I love the way YOU ♥️ MY KIDS." (Again, it is to be hoped that the ♥️-ing continues to be mutual.)

Daniela Fittipaldi seems to prefer her privacy

Personal details on Ms. Fittipaldi are somewhat sketchy. She hasn't made her own Instagram profile public, so all that non-followers can see is the hashtagged info that she is a dog lover, a food blogger, and a home chef who's also into fitness and lifestyles (whatever those might be). At present, she has fewer than 1,700 followers, but that number may be about to change in a hurry now that the spotlight has found her.

While Fittipaldi may not be actively seeking social media fame, she's bound to come in for her share of it as long as she's dating Joe. She has appeared in at least one of his Experience Italy with Joe Giudice YouTube videos, and it seems likely that reality star Joe will want to take any opportunity to show off his gorgeous new gal pal. Who knows, maybe someday we'll get to see a Real Housewives of Salerno!