90 Day Fiancé's Elizabeth And Andrei Reveal What Quarantine Has Really Been Like - Exclusive

The coronavirus pandemic turned all of our lives upside down. With everyday life activities like eating out at restaurants and going to the hair salon becoming obsolete AND with the added pressures of staying at home as much as possible, things got complicated. The times got even more tough for couples, who once used the daily routine of work and errands to take the necessary time away from each other. All of the sudden, neither of you were leaving — your husband was wearing your fluffy robe and sitting on your go-to spot on the couch. Anarchy.

One such couple that felt the strain of quarantine was 90 Day Fiancé's Elizabeth and Andrei. To put it bluntly, they said that quarantine has "sucked." And we totally understand why — socializing, traveling, it's all off the table. But a highlight of Elizabeth and Andrei's quarantine life was their participation in Love Games, the 90 Day Fiancé competition show on discovery+ that pitted 24 90 Day couples against each other in an ultimate showdown.

But when they weren't competing, what was it like to quarantine together for months on end? The couple discussed the reality of it all with The List in a recent sit-down interview, and here's everything you need to know, as 90 Day Fiancé's Elizabeth and Andrei reveal what quarantine has really been like.

How Elizabeth and Andrei coped with quarantine

"Quarantine sucks," Andrei said with a chuckle while in a sit-down with The List, and we completely understand the sentiment. In an exclusive interview, Elizabeth and Andrei revealed just how tough navigating the coronavirus pandemic has been for them, and what they've done to keep their heads above water. Elizabeth said that the couple almost resorted to "strangling each other" at one point, and at the summer peak of the virus, they were at their wits' end. 

"Even if this person is your best friend, there's no possible way to be with someone 24/7 without wanting to wring their neck. There's just no way," Elizabeth told The List, her husband echoing a very similar point of view. "You need your time alone, you need your isolation, you need to go somewhere," Andrei said. 

So how did the couple cope? Andrei said that one of them would stay home while the other went out for a walk, or sometimes one of them would get in the car and just drive for a while. The necessary time apart made Elizabeth and Andrei far more aware of each other's space and made them realize how nice it was to come back together at the end of the day. "[You] have to make up your own solutions for handling your relationship," Andrei said, and it looks like this couple found the solution they were looking for.

Elizabeth and Andrei share a quarantine bright spot

It seems like most of us would jump at the opportunity to be part of a new unscripted reality game show — even if it was remote — and that was certainly the case for 90 Day Fiancé's Elizabeth and Andrei. A big pro of their quarantine lives was competing on Love Games, and Elizabeth told The List that even though it would've been fun to compete in person, filming remotely had its perks, too. "You're more comfortable in your own space, and you come up with different things. And you never know what's going to happen," she said, and thanks to modern technology, the entirety of Love Games was able to be shot virtually. 

Of course, quarantine had its downfalls, and a difficult component for Andrei was the distance between him and his family. He told The List that he's now gone a long period of time without seeing his parents, and that he really misses going home. Modern technology once again saves the day though (partially), as Andrei has been able to talk with them daily. "It makes it easier, because even if I [don't] see them ... I'll see them in a year," he said. "I didn't miss them so much because [it's] only a physical presence." But here's to hoping that we can all start to travel again just as soon as possible.

Love Games is now streaming on discovery+.