Golden Globes Viewers Have Choice Words About Jake From State Farm

Out of all the award-worthy celebrities appearing at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, who knew it would be Jake from State Farm who ended up stealing the show? The spokesperson for the insurance company had Twitter talking after one of its commercials aired during the NBC broadcast. One Twitter user even said they had a "big time crush on Jake from State Farm," and they weren't the only ones confessing their love. 

It seems Jake from State Farm is totally crush-worthy, so who is this adorable actor in a red polo shirt and khaki pants? According to ForbesJake from State Farm is played by actor Kevin Miles. Before landing the iconic role, Miles was just a struggling actor in LA, and even spent a week living in his car when he first moved to town. After years of working and auditioning, Miles finally landed the role that would change it all. Now, he's appearing in Super Bowl commercials with big names and winning hearts online. 

Some Twitter users believe Jake from State Farm is hotter than Drake

The commercial that aired during the broadcast was actually the one that first aired during the Super Bowl on February 7. In the ad, Jake is joined by Drake who plays his stand-in (via USA Today). While some people, like Bustleonce believed Drake should be People's Sexiest Man Alive, it seems Jake is giving the "Hotline Bling" rapper a run for his money. 

Users on Twitter were saying things like "Jake from State Farm is hotter than Drake from State Farm I'll say it," comparing the two. Some people were even reflecting on the "old" Jake from State Farm. If you remember the character of Jake first appeared in a 2011 commercial that starred a completely different actor (via Gossip Cop). The OG Jake was actually a State Farm employee who landed the role. Once the company decided to make the Jake character even bigger, they cast Miles instead and as they say, the rest is history. Now, there is an adorable Jake from State Farm who is at the top of everyone's biggest crush list.