Meghan Markle Sets The Record Straight About Being 'Silenced'

Meghan Markle finally set the record straight on whether she was "silent" or "silenced" by the royal family on Sunday during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey (via Entertainment Tonight). The Duchess of Sussex revealed in CBS Presents Oprah with Meghan and Harry that she was instructed to always say, "No comment," despite the damaging rumors surrounding her. Not only was she asked to stay quiet, but Meghan also revealed that she was not able to leave her home for months. 

According to Meghan, due to the "oversaturation" of her name in the tabloids, she was asked to stay inside (via CBS News). She couldn't even go out for lunch with her friends. The duchess compared the lockdown to what many are dealing with right now due to COVID-19, and the effects of it all were very damaging to her mental health. Meghan said she felt super lonely during those months of forced lockdown, despite being married to her prince.

Meghan said she not "could not feel lonelier" while laying low

Meghan also revealed that at the time, there was an obsession with her in the press, but since she was not able to go anywhere it felt like she was "everywhere" but in reality, she was "nowhere." She even said that no one thought to ask her how that felt, and she "could not feel lonelier" (via The Mirror). That's what led to the breaking point of the couple's exit from the Firm

As Meghan puts it, after everything the Firm did, she's not sure "how they could expect" that they "would still just be silent" (via CNN). She also accused the Firm of "perpetuating falsehoods" against the couple, but "there's another side" of the story. Now, speaking with Oprah, this is the couple's chance to finally tell their truth. They're not staying silent anymore, and if it wasn't for the "lack of support" as Prince Harry said, they may not have left the royal family (via Deadline).