Expert Explains Why Billie Eilish's Grammy Outfit Is So Powerful

Billie Eilish has never rocked traditional. But during Billie Eilish's 2021 Grammy performance, she stepped things up a notch: the artist looked like she came directly out of dreamscape out of a Salvador Dali painting. (Or, if you prefer, as one self-proclaimed style expert on Twitter does, rather like Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water). Alongside her brother and best friend, Finneas, Eilish, bejeweled and sequined, sang her hit track, "Everything I Wanted." Crooning at us from the top of a sinking car, she performed like a truth-teller; she entranced us. Eilish managed to give even Harry Styles a watermelon sugar high. In case you didn't catch the moment, MTV caught him looking at her looking at him (via Twitter).


What was it about Eilish's Grammy performance piece that captivated? The List talked exclusively to fashion expert and TV personality Cindy Conroy, to understand why we can't keep from thinking about the Grammy award-winner's "Everything I Wanted" outfit.

Fashion expert explains why you'll see Billie Eilish's Grammy outfit in your dreams

"Billie Eilish hit all of the right notes in her performance ensemble," Conroy told The List. Key to the artist's get-up were her glistening, fortune-teller-like accessories. "As she serenaded us, her adorning jewel headpiece glistened like a halo," she explained. (Even Megan Thee Stallion and her Chopard diamond necklace can't compete with that). 


"As if that wasn't perfection enough, Eilish gave us powerful detailing at every turn," Conroy continued in her praise of the "No Time To Die" singer's wardrobe choice. "From perfectly manicured hands donning chic fingerless gloves, to Eilish's oversized bedazzled jacket. With an artful crystal display exploding into a starburst, it was true eye candy." (Did you hear that, all of you Harry Styles Grammy outfit-adorers?) "And don't get me started on the complimenting pants in the same crystal motif on the front and back," Conroy gushed further, "I nearly fainted with excitement."