The Weirdest Rules Below Deck Cast Members Have To Follow

Below Deck follows a super-yacht crew as they live and work together on the high seas. Led by Captain Lee, the seasons rotate in and out a group of young yachties, who mingle with themselves and with the guests of the boat.

To many, working on one of these luxurious yachts seems like a breeze — we watch them get paid a pretty penny in tips, travel to some amazing places, meet high-powered people, and even get a good amount of time off to enjoy themselves. In this most recent season, season 8, Captain Lee and his latest crew iteration set sail in the Caribbean (via Bravo TV).

But unlike many reality TV shows, the crew members aboard the Below Deck yachts aren't just there to look pretty. According to Vulture, they actually have to work, and work hard, rightfully earning those big tips at the end of each episode. In addition to the hard work, they also have a hefty set of rules to follow.

Some of the Below Deck rules are out of the ordinary

Many of the rules the Below Deck cast members must follow seem pretty straight forward. According to Men's Health, they must be licensed and certified to work on the boat, secure a visa to travel, meet the age requirement, and sign a contract. But the rules don't stop there.

Within that signed contract, cast members agree that they won't run for any sort of public office until a year after their season has aired. Beyond their outside lives, the biggest thing cast members give up when they agree to be on Below Deck is their privacy. They must disclose all their prescription medications and be subjected to drug tests.

They must also agree to film 24/7, in almost every area of the boat. In fact, the only safe space is the bathroom (via Cosmopolitan), but per Bravo's Daily Dish, if more than two cast members are in a bathroom at once, production has a right to film. So if you are agreeing to be on the show, you can say hello to the high seas and serious adventure, but goodbye to your privacy and even a future political career.