The Truth About Kellyanne Conway And Claudia Conway's Relationship

Kellyanne Conway was one of the most controversial figures in American politics during her lengthy tenure with the Trump administration. 

As one of the then-president's most trusted and loyal aides, Kellyanne was responsible for some of the most polarizing decisions made during his term. However, her teenage daughter, Claudia Conway, threatened to eclipse the politician's fame when she began sharing messages that were critical of former President Donald Trump, his fellow Republicans, and even her own mother. As the New York Post reports, Claudia's entire family is incredibly conservative and most of them support Trump as well, aside from her father. 

The Conway's now reside in Washington, D.C., but Claudia initially voiced her displeasure about being uprooted from her home in New Jersey. The ambitious youngster plans to get into "social justice activism" once she's completed her education, tellingly advising Insider, "My mom always told me: If you believe it, go stand for it." Claudia has made a name for herself speaking out in defiance of her mother, frequently fighting with her publicly both on social media and in clips shared online. Considering she's still a minor and will presumably be living with her mother for the foreseeable future, where do the two stand now?

The mother-daughter duo frequently lock horns

Claudia Conway first came to international attention thanks to her lively TikToks. As the New York Post notes, the teenager amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on the video-sharing app, predominantly thanks to her sharp anti-Trump rhetoric. 

She is also a fan of Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and vocally supports the Black Lives Matter movement and also named the late (and iconic) Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as one of her idols in an interview with USA Today. Suffice to say, her mother, Kellyanne Conway, is definitely not someone the teen activist looks up to. Claudia memorably livestreamed a huge argument the two women had, though Claudia reassured Insider they only really fight about politics and are otherwise super close. She admitted to finding it tough growing up in her mother's shadow, though. 

As Claudia explained, "It's really, really hard to disassociate yourself with that image because people look at me and are like 'Oh, that's Kellyanne Conway's daughter, she must love Trump.' In reality, I really don't." At one point, Claudia even pushed for emancipation from her parents, claiming her mother's high-profile job in the Trump administration had "ruined" her life. Kellyanne subsequently stepped down from her role, ostensibly to spend more time with her family although, as Insider notes, Claudia cried foul about this claim too. The Conway's have continued publicly fighting back and forth ever since, with commentators worrying for Claudia's safety as footage continues to emerge of her mother screaming at her. At the time of writing, she still has her internet privileges so that's promising.