Alex Drummond Reveals When She Knew Mauricio Was The One - Exclusive

It was a very big weekend for the entire Drummond family, but especially for Ree Drummond's eldest daughter, Alex. A young teen when we first met her on her mom's long-running show, "The Pioneer Woman," Alex (who came very close to having this surprising name, according to Ree) is all grown up now, and married to boot. In fact, Friday, June 25, was Alex Drummond's 24th birthday (happy birthday, Alex!), as she told The List during an exclusive interview she so generously granted us in the midst of all the hoopla. Arguably equally as exciting is the fact that Alex got to watch herself getting married all over again on the premiere of the Food Network's special, "Ranch Wedding," which is now streaming on discovery+. The special takes fans of this fun and folksy family on a countdown journey to (and including) the May 1, 2021 wedding of Alex to her now-husband, Mauricio Scott.

But what that journey did not get to cover, at least in real time, was the adorable story of how these the two young lovebirds (Alex and Mauricio, although we could just as easily be talking about Ree and her hubby, Ladd, judging by a little wedding PDA) met, fell in love, and decided to get hitched. If you're a romantic (and you know that you are), then you'll want to know that story. Read on as we reveal how Alex Drummond knew Mauricio Scott was "the one." 

When Alex met Mauricio ...

When we spoke to the new Mrs. Mauricio Scott, aka Alex Scott, or just plain "Alex," which she told The List is what everyone calls her, one of the first things we had to know was how she met, fell in love with, and ultimately knew that Mauricio was the one. Fortunately, Alex was game to take that nostalgic walk down memory lane — which, by the way, is a long walk, relatively speaking, going back, as it does, to when the now-24-year-old was just 19. 

"[Mauricio and I] started dating our sophomore year of college," Alex Drummond revealed to The List. "I feel like –- honestly, this is cheesy — but I feel like from when we first started dating, I was like, 'I could really see myself being with this guy for a really long time.'" Three years later, when the two graduated from Texas A&M, they made the very grown-up decision to start their life together in Dallas. "I feel like that was when we started doing real life together. We weren't just in this college bubble anymore. We were going to work, and living more of a real adult life." And guess what? Their relationship "flourished," which pretty much cemented in Alex's mind that she knew this relationship was a keeper. But what happened next is what made it undeniable. 

Alex Drummond and her now-husband Mauricio Scott breezed right through quarantine together

As Alex Drummond Scott took us through the story of how she and Mauricio met and fell in love, it suddenly hit us that when she and Mauricio graduated from Texas A&M and moved together to Dallas, they had precious few months to enjoy their new life and new city before COVID-19 reared its ugly head and forced everyone indoors for what was, at the time, the foreseeable future. Yet while the pandemic's lockdown conditions are going down in history for, among other things, coinciding with a spike in divorce rates, Alex and Mauricio considered it "quality time," as she told The List.

"We had both started our jobs right when we graduated in spring of 2019, and we worked for about a year, and then ... when the pandemic hit, I feel like that was a big step in our relationship," she said." Whereas many of the rest of us were sweating out the oddness of watching our significant others in work mode (not for nothing, the pandemic has helped shape relationships forever), these two were having "a really fun, sweet time" in their relationship. "I feel like that solidified even more that we wanted to get married," Alex told us.

"Ranch Wedding" aired on June 26 on the Food Network, and it is now streaming on Discovery+. You can find the complete Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart."