Here's Why You Should Think Twice About Putting Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

If you've been scrolling through TikTok lately, you may have seen a new hair trend all over the "For You" page. It's called the #PurpleShampooChallenge, and requires you to add a bunch of purple shampoo to your hair, according to Allure. It's unclear what the outcome expected is as some TikTokers believe the purple shampoo will turn their hair blond, while others think their strands will end up purple. 

While purple shampoo does have a colorful tint to it, it's not meant to actually dye your hair a different color. Per Harper's Bazaar, purple shampoo actually works with color theory. If you have light or blond hair that needs a little brightening, adding a small hint of purple hue will give you that "fresh-from-the-salon" look. The only problem is TikTokers are applying the purple shampoo to their dry hair, which is not the recommended way to use purple shampoo at all.

Pouring purple shampoo on dry hair causes uneven absorption

According to PureWow, dry hair may absorb more of the purple pigment, but you'll get an uneven color. That's because drier hair will absorb more product, so the end result will be a little "patchy." The best way to get an even tone is to use the purple shampoo on wet hair. If you find that you have some dry areas, like the ends of your hair, you might want to add some conditioner as well to moisten it up a bit. 

However, if you don't have blond or highlighted hair, Stylist says there's really no use in using purple shampoo at all. The reason some TikTokers who use it come out with platinum blond hair is because they already had blond hair to begin with. The purple hue shampoo was made to tone down the yellow in blond hair to make it more silvery blond. If you've got dark hair, you'll most like just be wasting a bottle of purple shampoo when pouring it on your head.