This Empire Star Was Just Caught Filming The Sex And The City Reboot

It could be the most highly-anticipated reboot since the "Friends" reunion. "And Just Like That," which catches up with the ladies of "Sex and the City," minus Samantha, of course, is shaping up to feature an exciting new cast beyond just Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

First, we were ecstatic to learn that "Grey's Anatomy" star Sara Ramírez had joined the cast for the upcoming 10-part series on HBO Max. Then it was confirmed that all the main male characters from the original series had signed on for the reboot, from Chris Noth, to John Corbett. Jason Lewis, who played Samantha's longtime love interest, Smith, will not appear, meanwhile. But also on board for "And Just Like That?" It's the loveable Willie Garson, A.K.A. Stanford Blatch.

Now we have learned another star is filming for the reboot. It's someone we know and love, but who did not appear in "SATC." Fans will recognize her from the show "Empire," or perhaps from any number of TV series or movies she has worked on since the 1990s, including "Soul Food" and "Boogie Nights" (via IMDb). And now it seems and just like that, she is part of the "SATC" reboot!

What role will the star play on the reboot?

If you guessed that we are talking about Nicole Ari Parker from "Empire," then you would be right (via Daily Mail). While we don't know exactly what role the striking actress will play on the reboot, we do know she's a friend of the main characters, with Daily Mail reporting she was spotted filming a scene eating a meal with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. The women embraced her upon meeting up, and everyone was laughing.

The sighting took place in New York City of course, and saw the stars dressed to the nines, naturally. No, you're flipping out with excitement!

It was previously revealed by TV Line that the show, which was not known for diversity when "SATC" aired, would be making strides toward incorporating a more inclusive cast for "And Just Like That," with three new series regulars, all being women of color, to join the ladies. 

So, could Nicole Ari Parker be one of the series regulars? Only time will tell, but we'd be thrilled if it were true!