These Are The Bachelor In Paradise Couples Who Are Still Together After The Season 7 Finale

Well "Bachelor" fans, the wait was finally over when we got a chance to see which "Paradise" couples decided to leave Mexico together on the season 7 finale, which aired Monday night. After several tearful goodbyes — Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb, we thought you were so solid! — it was time for the strongest duos to decide if they would get engaged. That meant three couples, including Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, and Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis, remained with their fates undecided going into the, gulp, third hour of the finale (via Yahoo! and Us Weekly).

So, who got engaged? And did any of the couples who parted ways on the beach perhaps rekindle their romances post-"Paradise?"

If you haven't yet watched the final episode, it's time to stop what you are doing, and tune in. Then, come back to find out if the couples are still together after the final rose, or in some cases, after an engagement, or after deciding to leave "Paradise" single, but with a big "what if" hanging over their heads. Right Thomas (via Us Weekly)?

Joe and Serena

At one point, "Bachelor" fans may have thought there was only one woman for Grocery Store Joe, and that would have been Kendall Long. But after her ill-fated turn on the beach, and another quick cameo that had us wondering if she would ever be able to let go of her past with Joe, he let himself truly fall for Serena, so much so, that at the end of their "Paradise" journey, he got down on one knee and, sniff, proposed to her, saying in part, "When I think about forever, you know, that's scary. And I think about it with you and I don't know, it feels right" (via Us Weekly and Elite Daily).

Not surprisingly, a smitten Serena said "yes" when Joe asked her to marry him, and they left "Paradise" together happy as can be.

But did the 23- and-34-year-olds stay engaged after the cameras stopped rolling? Well, if Reality Steve is to be believed, the answer is also "yes." He recently shared a photo of the couple snuggling together on at a rooftop pool in Chicago, which of course is where Joe is from.

And, Joe just shared a pic of the two of them on his Instagram with the caption, "My Everything." So, yeah, they're good!

Riley and Maurissa

They share a love of whipped cream, but was this impossibly good-looking couple ready for a real future together? Going into their last meeting, Maurissa expressed she was really nervous because she wasn't sure where Riley stood. But then, he cast aside her fears and proposed, with Reality Steve confirming the couple is still ironclad (via Women's Health).

Although Riley and Maurissa have not been spotted publicly since "Paradise" wrapped. "They're just better at hiding it," Reality Steve noted, with Women's Health pointing out that since the show ended, Maurissa has also defended their relationship on social media, notably not backing down from her decision to get intimate with Riley early on in their romance.

Meanwhile, Riley posted a photo to his Instagram of himself kissing Maurissa after the finale aired, cementing that the engaged couple is still in love. She too shared the image on her Instagram, captioning the cute pic, "I found my person."

Kenny and Mari

The final couple to get engaged on season 7 of "Bachelor in Paradise" was Kenny and Mari, even with the 40-year-old expressing his concern that his 25-year-old girlfriend was much younger than him, and possibly at a different place in life. After her reassurance, he got down on one knee, telling Mari, "I literally, like, I can't see my life without you. You're such an amazing woman that you've changed my whole outlook on life" (via Us Weekly).

After confessing she wanted Kenny to propose previously, Mari said "yes" and slipped on her engagement ring.

So, what happened to this in-love couple once filming ended? Since right after the finale concluded, Kenny posted a photo of himself with Mari by his side, and flashing her bling for all to see, it's safe to say they are still together, without Reality Steve having to confirm a thing.

Abigail and Noah

When this solid couple expressed doubts and said "goodbye" at the beginning of the finale, fans were probably scratching their heads. That's because spoilers had reported Abigail and Noah were together after "Paradise."

But as Us Weekly reports, for those who stayed up until the bitter end of the show, ABC updated fans as to the status of their relationship, noting, "Noah and Abigail left 'Paradise' and realized they missed each other. They are hanging out and taking things ... SLOWLY."

Then, Abigail, who was oddly accused of hooking up with Dale Moss in several reports after Clare Crawley tagged her in a post about her feelings post-breakup with Moss, shared an update of her own, taking to Instagram to share a video of the couple together and professing her love for Noah (via Heavy).

Becca and Thomas

She was clearly very guarded after, as Joe Amabile noted, she endured public breakups as "The Bachelorette." Perhaps that's why Becca Kufrin broke up with Thomas Jacobs on the finale of "Paradise," leaving him in tears, after cautioning her not to leave if she would still wonder "what if" about what could have been between them.

Becca later expressed doubts about whether she'd done the right thing as she left in a car for the airport. It seems she ended up listening to heart instead of her head, and subsequently, ABC revealed at the end of the finale, "Becca and Thomas started dating again after 'Paradise.' They are happy and in love" (via Us Weekly).

Becca then shared a post to her Instagram featuring video footage of the couple, along with the caption, "You know what they say...Third time's a charm. I'm sorry for breaking up with you on national television, but I'll take every day to make it up to you, Tommy. Thanks for making my heart smile far more than it ever has. Now time to start this real life."