The One Lip Product Alexis Bledel Really Wore As Rory On Gilmore Girls

The "Gilmore Girls" are known for their iconic, quick-tongued comments, but there's something else about their mouths that deserve some spotlight — their lipsticks. While Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, wears a few different lipsticks throughout the show, there's only one that Alexis Bledel wears as Rory (via TikTok). Get ready to stock up on this iconic lip color, because it's more affordable than you might think.

Where Lorelai leads, Rory will follow, unless apparently it's to the MAC Cosmetics store. According to Brittany Cale on TikTok, the only lip product used on Bledel in "Gilmore Girls" was the Classic Cherry ChapStick.

It's so Rory to only wear an item that's both practical and easy to apply. After all, she does say, according to Bustle, the phrase, "Who cares if I'm pretty, if I'm going to fail my finals?" If you're looking to stock up on the practical cult classic item, you're in luck. This is one lip product that doesn't seem to be selling out any time soon. Here are all the details about the item, plus a few that she might've worn when she was older as well.

Alexis Bledel wore Cherry ChapStick in Gilmore Girls

Ah, the early years of "Gilmore Girls." It was a simpler time in life, when all Rory needed was a uniform, some books, and apparently, some Cherry ChapStick. TikTok user Brittany Cale found that Cherry ChapStick was the only product that makeup artists used on Alexis Bledel as Rory in the early seasons of "Gilmore Girls." Yes, like that drugstore product that is at just about every CVS checkout in America.

There's nothing better than a makeup artist staying true to the characters onscreen persona. Rory was studying all the time in the early "Gilmore Girls" episodes. Plus, she was almost never seen carrying a purse. Instead, she wore a backpack filled to the brim with textbooks. Surely she would have enough time to slip on some very practical ChapStick, but she would never save one of her coveted book bag pockets for a flashy lip product. 

Not to mention she completely shuts down Madeline and Louise's Lipstick Locator idea for their business product in Season 2, Episode 18 (via IMDb). That shows that she wasn't very into beauty products.

Cherry ChapStick is super affordable

Cherry ChapStick is different from the other scents. Unlike the brand's Original ChapStick, the Cherry ChapStick has a slight tint to it, according to the brand's website. So, it's not like Rory wasn't worried about how she looked, but just didn't care enough to worry about fancy lip products.

If you're looking to get your hands on the infamous lip color, you're in luck. As mentioned above, this product is readily available at almost every drugstore checkout in America, but if you're looking to really commit to the "Gilmore Girls" lip shade, there are other places to stock up.

The official ChapStick website sells a 12-count of the Cherry ChapStick for $24. That's only $2 per stick, and you'd have enough to stick in every bag you own as well as some around the house for when you need a touchup. Or, you can stick with the three-pack from Target for $3.29. It truly doesn't get more affordable than this.

Lauren Graham wore MAC Cosmetics in Gilmore Girls

Alexis Bledel might have kept her lip color simple as Rory, but Lauren Graham was the exact opposite as Lorelai. According to Brittany Cale on TikTok, Graham wore three specific glosses in the early years of "Gilmore Girls," and they're not as affordable or as easy to get your hands on.

The TikTok user found that makeup artists used Chanel's Rouge Coco Gloss in Blush and Pulsar as well as the Stila Glaze Lip Pens in Raspberry and Strawberry. For a less glossy lip, the TikTok user says that the makeup artist used MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam Lipstick, which is the only lip color of Lorelai's that's still available for purchase.

Obviously, Lorelai was a little more flashy than her daughter, but that totally makes sense when you think about her character. After all, in response to Rory's comment, "Who cares if I'm pretty, if I'm going to fail my finals," Lorelai responds with, "Okay, you've got this so completely backwards" (via Quotes).

Of course, it's totally possible that Rory snuck into her mom's makeup bag every now and then. If you're looking to get the most authentic "Gilmore Girls" lip color, you should stock up on both products.