The Best Concealer Tips We've Learned From TikTok

If you're like us, you might have lost track of exactly how many TikTok rabbit holes you've gone down. Whether you're on couch guy-tok, salmon ricebowl-tok, Jack Harlow stans-tok, we definitely aren't judging. The categories of the video-sharing platform seem endless. Each day, a new viral trend seems to be all the rave, and it's getting somewhat impossible to keep up.

One of our favorite wholesome corners of TikTok has to be beauty. From stunning creative looks delivered seamlessly with the latest cool transitions, to simple day-to-day hacks that come in handy. A brief scroll down the TikTok #Concealerhack is guaranteed to instantly switch up your concealer applying game. From using setting powder strategically to applying concealer in just the right spots, TikTok users know how to do makeup right.

Long gone are the days of the triangle method — we're above that now. Here are some of our favorite game-changing concealer tips we've learned from TikTok.

Megha Singh's concealer tip will give you an instant facelift

We're basically sold on anything that promises to give us a faux instant cosmetic surgery at home, so this method spoke to us. Megha Singh's (@meghaess) simple concealer application method promises to lift your entire face just by hitting some strategic points.

Singh begins by applying some concealer to the inner corner of her eyes, a dab under the center, then a bit on the outer corner, the side of the nose, the corner of her lips, and resting under her cheekbone (via TikTok). After blending it all in and setting, you'll instantly see the difference. 

Somehow, Singh has cracked the code. By targeting these points, rather than slathering concealer on all over, you create more of a lifting effect, with the points of your face appearing highlighted. After trying it ourselves, we understand how Singh's method went viral.

Let your concealer chill out before blending

This TikTok beauty tip tells us to go against our natural makeup instincts. @Natseleen_ went viral for her method of applying her concealer that promises to give you a flawless finish and pack an even bigger punch of coverage.

After moisturizing and color-correcting, Nat skips ahead to applying her foundation while avoiding the under-eye area. She then applies her concealer but leaves the layer on and waits until it gets semi-dry. That's when she gently dabs it into the skin to blend it before setting (via Tiktok). The comments section were equal parts people losing it over how beautiful Nat is, as well as claiming how well this holy grail concealer hack has worked for them.

It may go against all of the makeup-applying "rules" you've heard over the years, but if you're unhappy with how your concealer looks, this TikTok trick might be worth trying out.

Finger stamping your setting powder on? We're listening

Now that we've finally figured out where to apply our concealer and how to blend it in, it's only natural that we need TikTok to guide us through the best way to set it all in place. Karla Kazemi (@karlavegakazemi) comes through with a concealer setting hack we never would have considered.

Kazemi made it clear she has zero time for any creases (we feel you, girl) with her multiple steps that promise to keep your concealer on longer than you could ever need. She begins to secure the undereye area by blending her concealer in with a brush she dips in a mixture of setting spray and foundation. But it's her next step that's left us both baffled and intrigued. Kazemi skips the tools and goes straight in with her fingers, using a stamping motion to apply her setting powder (via TikTok).

You're officially set with these concealer hacks that went viral for a very simple reason — they actually work!