Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson - Exclusive

Kim Kardashian has been single for a whole nine months now, and people have long been speculating about when she'll jump back into the dating pool. Well, over the past few weeks it seems she's at least wading into the shallow end, if not quite ready to dive into the deep waters. The person she's stepping out with, though, came as a surprise to all of us. Relationship coach Nicole Moore, creator of the Love Works Method, says "Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson is the romance that no one saw coming." So is this relationship for real? Kim, after all, has had a rather checkered romantic past, dating such celebs as TV host Nick Cannon and NFL star-turned-Wendy's pitchman Reggie Bush and even marrying NBA player Kris Humphries on an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," according to Us Weekly. (This match made in reality TV heaven lasted just two months.) Davidson is perhaps best known for his breakup with Ariana Grande, although he's also dated his share of actresses and models, per Distractify.

So are these two crazy kids going to find true love this time around? Moore's not attempting to channel Miss Cleo here, so she won't gaze into a crystal ball and make a prediction. What she is, however, is an expert on reading body language. Here she analyzes several photos and videos of the new twosome in order to answer the following question: "What does their body language say about their budding romantic connection?"

This relationship seems to have started out as a friendship that caught fire

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were just starting to hang out together, and just before Halloween they visited Knott's Berry Farm. While an image reproduced in People shows Kim holding Pete's hand on what appears to be a kind of scary ride, Nicole Moore says "It's what Pete does when the ride is over that demonstrates that the couple was likely just friends at that point." So what did Pete do? Moore, taking a look at a TMZ video clip, notes that "Pete exited the ride without even checking back to see how Kim was doing or to help her off the ride." As she sees it, "This is not a couple move and likely indicates that the two really were just friends at that point."

A more recent video clip published by the Daily Mail Online shows that, as Moore puts it, "Their body language has gotten so much flirtier since then." In this video, she says, "We see Kim playfully touching Pete's hand with her pinky," and explains that "A move like this signifies that their relationship isn't just a hookup, but a little bit more." Pete, she says, "brings out Kim's playful side," adding that Kim appears to be "more comfortable showing affection now that the two have moved out of the friend zone."

Pete Davidson is absolutely into Kim Kardashian

Even though in the early days of KimPete (darn one-syllable names don't really lend themselves to portmanteauing!) it might have seemed like Pete was the more disengaged if the two, things have certainly changed since last month. As Nicole Moore sees it, "Pete Davidson lights up when Kim is around and turns into a giddy teenager." She cites as evidence that same Daily Mail Online video clip. In the video, Pete is standing by the car waiting for Kim to get out. As she exits the vehicle and approaches him, Moore explains that a magical transformation takes place as Pete's "entire body language changes from limp and relaxed to excited and animated."

Moore also notes a "subtle body language tell" that Pete exhibits that shows just how much of an impact Kim has on him. The way she describes it, "Pete lifted his shoulder slightly when he mouthed 'hi' to Kim when he first saw her and he smiled like a Cheshire cat. As wide as his mouth can smile." The shoulder lift, she says means that Pete "feels lifted up when he's around her," and shows that "Kim literally puts a pep in his step and brings him exciting energy."

Kim's the one calling the shots

Kim may have started the hand-holding and flirting, but she's definitely the one on top right now. As Nicole Moore interprets their body language, "It's clear that Kim Kardashian is in control of this relationship and Pete Davidson is along for the ride." Citing again that Daily Mail Online video (it's early days for the couple, so photographic evidence is in short supply), Moore points out that while Kim was the first one to reach out to hold Pete's hand, but she was also the first to let go, and she was pretty quick to do so, too. When she let go of his hand, she stepped out in front of him, which Moore sees as "demonstrating that she's internally directed at this point rather than taking cues from Pete."

If you zoom in for a closer look at those clasped hands, as Moore did, you'll also see something pretty telling — Kim is only lightly resting her hand within Pete's, but he's gripping far more tightly. "Time will tell if this body language ends up being a metaphor for their whole relationship," says Moore, and adds "but from their hand holding, it's clear that Kim is in control of their affection at the moment."

Kim might be more into Pete than she lets on

From what we've heard so far, it may seem like Kim's treating her thing with Pete as a fun rebound fling, while he's lining himself up for heartbreak once again. Maybe so, maybe no. Nicole Moore offers a different interpretation, telling us "From her body language, it appears that Kim Kardashian is trying to play it cool and maintain control with Pete Davidson while downplaying, perhaps, how excited she really is about him."

Back to that clip from the Daily Mail Online. Moore notices that when Kim gets out of the car, she does break into a big smile, but she doesn't show her teeth. It appears to her that Kim "looks almost shy, as if she's trying to hold back a huge smile." While Pete's huge grin makes it appear that he's the more excited of the two, Moore thinks "Kim may just be holding herself back a bit to temper her excitement." She also thinks it may be significant that Kim initiates the hand-holding, indicating she does want that closeness, but the fact that she's still holding her body a bit stiffly may mean there's still some ambivalence about jumping head-first into a new capital "R" Relationship. As Moore sees it, it may be that Kim is "only willing to let herself get so close at this point." Still, we wish Kim and Pete all the best, since they both deserve a little happiness at this point.