Where Do Vanderpump Rules' Brock Davies And Lala Kent Stand Now? - Exclusive

As Bravo fans know, "Vanderpump Rules" isn't short on drama. It's part of what has sustained the series long past the dramatic exit of nearly half of the original cast members. Few reality shows can take such a hit, but few fans could predict such an explosive debut from newcomer Brock Davies.

To be fair, Davies isn't exactly a rookie. By the time Season 9 finally resumed filming after a series of delays, his relationship with Scheana Shay went from strangers to lovers to parents of a brand new baby girl to betrothed (with one heck of a rock and a prenup to prove it). That's a lot, and the cameras missed it all. Of course, reality shows have a way of digging up the past. If anyone was going to lead the charge, it was always going to be resident firecracker Lala Kent.

Davies and Kent famously clashed in an argument spanning the first few episodes of the season. This time, it wasn't about the pasta. It was about the vegemite — or rather, what went down in New Zealand while the rugby player was building a life in the U.S. Davies opened up about the situation with his kids and Kent eventually backed down, at least temporarily.

So, where does that leave them today? While promoting his new app "Homebody," Davies opened about his real-life relationship with Kent.

Drama with Lala Kent made Brock Davies 'a better person'

Five minutes into our late afternoon Zoom call, it's clear that Brock Davies possesses a rare type of earnestness. The former pro-rugby player has no qualms about owning his mistakes — and that includes those that inadvertently became a scandal during his first 15 minutes of actual reality TV fame. In other words: he totally gets where Lala Kent was coming from.

"It was a right, and any one of Scheana's friends — anyone — has a right to be like, 'Look. He has a past and this is the past,'" he tells The List, adding, "In her terms, [Lala will] do anything for her child. She'll kick in a front door. She'll suck a Range Rover. Who knows, you know?"

Nonetheless, there's a fine line between a concerned friend and a pot-stirrer. From Davies' perspective, Kent walked across that line with her Gucci slides the minute she kept pressing the issue even after they spoke. Through his first instinct was "I don't have time for Lala's bulls**t, f*** off," he actually thinks all the pot-stirring helps the "Vanderpump Rules" cast form "deeper" bonds. All in all, he believes the drama — and being forced to speak about and process his past — has helped make him "a better person 100%."

Brock Davies and Lala Kent are 'very close' friends

Today, Brock Davies and Lala Kent, who is currently navigating her split from fiancé Randall Emmett, are close friends. Before their drama ever aired on TV, the former "SURver" supported Davies' live-streaming fitness app, Homebody. It was easy to bury the hatchet once Davies got a glimpse of Kent's relationship with Shay.

"I think [we're really close] because of the fact that she is great for Scheana to have around," he says. "They're moms. They're going through the same s**t every day together, but they have spent so much time being upset with each other because of communication breakdown. I didn't want to become a part of that breakdown ... If Lala comes for me next season for some reason, whatever. But we're pretty good right now."

The Homebody App is expected to officially launch in early 2022. In the meantime, trainers, creators, and fitness lovers can sign up for early access via the waitlist at homebodylivefitness.com.