Fixer Upper: Welcome Home Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

Though there is an abundance of home decorating shows, none is as beloved as "Fixer Upper." Fans instantly fell in love with hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines when the show premiered on HGTV all the way back in 2013. So, it's no surprise that "Fixer Upper" has been rebooted as "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home." Stars Chip and Joanna originally hung up their design hats in 2018 after spending five years renovating 56 homes throughout their hometown of Waco, Texas, per Good Housekeeping

But, now, the Gaines are back in action on their very own TV network, Magnolia. "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" officially premiered on January 29, 2021, and ran weekly episodes until mid-February. Available on streaming service Discovery+ as well as Magnolia itself, the show was a hit for old and new "Fixer Upper" fans alike. "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" was so beloved that the reboot has been renewed for a second season. 

Evidently, more Gaines-led adventures await, but when? Here's everything you need to know about Season 2. 

When will season 2 of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premiere?

It's been a little while since Season 1 of the reboot debuted on Discovery+, so it's understandable fans are getting a bit anxious for new episodes. However, it looks like the wait may be a little longer than we might like. Although the first season of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" premiered on Discovery+, the show was originally supposed to appear exclusively on Magnolia Network, according to Good Housekeeping. However, the Discovery+ debut was also delayed due to Covid-19, per Deadline

Magnolia Network was originally scheduled for the summer of 2020 but it got pushed back to October and finally debuted in January 2021, with DIY Network (a Discovery offshoot) rebranding as Magnolia Network the following year (via Us Weekly). Variety later confirmed, in August 2022, that HBO Max had acquired its slate of shows, including "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home." When Season 2 eventually arrives, we can expect to see it there, alongside Discovery+ and the Magnolia app itself. 

Who is the cast of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home season 2?

Naturally, the cast will contain the Gaines family front and center. Otherwise, it depends, considering each episode involves a different family looking to renovate their home. And, applying to be on the show isn't quite as simple as we might think it is. Country Living reported that there are a number of requirements guests have to meet in order to appear on the show. For example, only residents of Waco, Texas (aka the home of the TV couple) can take part. 

Joanna said: "Our kids are young, so until they're all out of the house and off to college, Waco is where we're going to base our renovation business." Additionally, guests must be 21 and older, have $50,000 available to pay for the renovation, and be willing to give up creative control over the redecoration, per Good Housekeeping. That said, not everyone is suited to be on "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home." That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the show at home, though. 

Not all fans are happy to watch the Fixer Upper reboot

Since the original series was such a hit, you'd think fans would be jumping for joy when the reboot was announced. However, fans are less than enthusiastic because, as CheatSheet reported, the original series was available on cable. Now, they have to subscribe to Discovery+ and/or Magnolia Network. Plenty of viewers took their concerns to social media, with one Instagram user even saying, "Sorry. As much as I love a LOT of these people [and] would love to watch their shows, I already pay enough for DirectTv [and] Hulu &[and] I can't see myself paying for another streaming service just to watch them."

That's not to say viewers are not excited about the upcoming show; many were looking forward to seeing how "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" differed from its predecessor. And, with the TV series renewed for a second season, it doesn't seem many fans had too much of a problem. However, only time will tell. Let's hope that the price for Magnolia is of little to no cost.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – The Castle was released in 2022

"Fixer Upper: Welcome Home — The Castle" — a spinoff of a spinoff, essentially — debuted in October 2022, on Magnolia Network. The six-episode miniseries found stars Chip and Joanna Gaines embarking on one of their biggest and most challenging projects yet. As they explained, in a joint interview with House Beautiful, the Gaines had had their eye on the historic Cottonland Castle for years. 

"It sits in the center of a neighborhood downtown, so if you live nearby, you've driven past it hundreds of times," Chip shared. "Ownership changed every few years, and I would make an offer every time it was listed." The sprawling property was originally designed to look like a German castle, which was located along the Rhine River, and it was built all the way back in 1913. 

The "Fixer Upper" breakouts finally got their hands on it in 2019, making it their mission to restore the iconic stone manor house to its former glory while also proving just how much they can do even outside of what fans typically see. As Joanna enthused, "The best part about restoring a property with this much history is the opportunity to unearth beauty that's always been there from the beginning." 

Where to watch all the different Fixer Upper shows

If you're getting impatient waiting for new episodes of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" to drop, or just want your fix of all things Chip and Joanna Gaines, bear in mind that, per Just Watch, you can stream Season 1 in its entirety on Discovery+, FuboTV, and HBO Max right now. You can also buy or rent the show on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. 

As for the original "Fixer Upper," according to TV Guide, there are plenty of streaming options available. You can watch on HBO Max, FuboTV, and Discovery+ with the requisite subscriptions, or rent/buy it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, or Google Play. Likewise, "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home — The Castle" is also available to watch on Discovery+, HBO Max, and FuboTV. 

You can buy or rent the show iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu, too. It might have taken a while for the Gaines to finally get their beloved Magnolia Network off the ground, but knowing Chip and Joanna, now that it's all systems go, they won't be slowing down any time soon.