Kandi & The Gang Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

To become a member of "The Real Housewives" one has to have a claim to fame or at least to riches. Often, the case can be as simple as them marrying an influential husband, but often the housewives have their own careers that placed them in the spotlight — and Kandi Burruss definitely leads that pack. Burruss had already made a popular name for herself long before the franchise even existed as a member of popular girl band of the '90s Xscape. She also had countless writing credits for hit songs such as TLC's "No Scrubs" before the Brave show. 

While many housewives rely on their fame and popularity through the reality series to keep them going, many also choose to use their time in the spotlight to build and promote new businesses to last them forever. Again, Burruss certainly leads that pack there as well. It often feels as though every new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" features Burruss pursuing a brand new business venture. 

Alongside her many companies, she has also ventured into quite a few spinoff shows. After the huge success of her restaurant venture Old Lady Gang, Burruss seems to be getting a brand new show to add to her already existing lengthy list. Here's everything we know about "Kandi & The Gang." 

What will "Kandi & The Gang" be all about?

From a sex toy line labeled Bedroom Kandi to a baby line called Raising Ace, according to ForbesKandi Burruss does it all and clearly within a vast range of categories. However, Burruss' most successful business to date (aside from her booming songwriting career) has been her joint restaurant venture Old Lady Gang that she opened up with husband Todd Tucker along with her mother and aunts as the stars of the restaurant. According to Bravo TV, "Kandi & The Gang" will be sharing an inside look at the staff of her popular Atlanta restaurant and their personal lives juggling their jobs at Old Lady Gang as well as their ambitions. 

The southern soul food restaurant is all about wholesome family traditions, but this show aims to shed a light on how tricky it can actually be to work with family. Bravo shared a first look at the spin off show with a trailer on YouTube that featured some delicious dishes and some even juicier drama. Tucker calls the working environment "dysfunctional" and the trailer quickly shows the chaos that ensues to prove his point. The show seems to feature coworkers clashing, Burruss' family members fighting with the waitstaff, and hookups caught on camera. Fans can't wait to get a closer look at the sassy employees — but who are they? 

Who exactly is in the gang?

"Kandi & The Gang" may be a play on the restaurant's name Old Lady Gang but this show is set to feature a whole new cast, as shared by Bravo TV. Of course, it will include Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker as they oversee their restaurant and seemingly put their employees in their place. "Kandi & The Gang" will also show a bit more of Burruss' mother and aunts who are all fan favorites. In fact, Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora, and Aunt Bertha all have a joint confessional session where we're sure they're going to throw perfect shade. Another "Real Housewives of Atlanta" familiar face will be Burruss' right-hand man, DonJuan Clark, who has never held his tongue in the past and won't be starting now.

However, there's a whole new onslaught of fiery, bold characters who will be joining this spinoff judging by the official trailer. The main cast will feature nine members of the restaurant, from kitchen manager to hostess. One member who seems to clash with a few coworkers is Phillip Frempong. E! shares that he's actually a restaurant developer who struggles to get the staff on track. Shawndreca Robinson also seems to stir up some drama according to the trailer due to her love life at work. The rest of the cast includes: Dom'Unique Variety, Torin Mitchell, Brandon Black, Patrick Dallas, Brian Redmond, Melvin Jones, and Rashard Roles. 

When can fans get the inside scoop at Old Lady Gang?

With the official trailer getting everyone excited, the good news is you won't have to wait long to catch the first episode. Bravo TV will be premiering "Kandi & The Gang" on Sunday, March 6 2022 at 9/8c. Fans were surprised to see that even Porsha Williams, past nemesis of Kandi Burruss, shared her support by posting a photo promoting the show on Instagram with the caption, "Yasss congratulations [Kandi]! #KandiAndTheGang starting Sun, Mar 6!" 

While eagerly awaiting the show, many fans have been comparing it to Lisa Vanderpump's own restaurant spinoff show "Vanderpump Rules" that has been a huge success on Bravo. When asked about the comparison by Entertainment Tonight, Burruss responded, "I think the similarity is that she has restaurants, I have restaurants, and we're both Housewives. OK, great. I think that's where the similarities stop." 

She went on to tease, "Listen, we have some spicy people at work at OLG. Some of them are way more interesting than me, so I cannot wait for you to get to meet them." Burruss has many fans in the Bravo world, so this spinoff show is guaranteed to be a hit.