Iyanna And Jarrette From Love Is Blind Open Up About Their Marital Struggles

While most viewers tend to ironically watch dating shows to cringe and mock, it's hard to deny that every now and then a genuine couple emerges from the heavily produced dramatic events that unfold. Netflix's "Love is Blind" tops that list as a favorite show to hate-watch, but viewers couldn't deny the chemistry and bond between the show's success story Lauren and Cameron Hamilton, per Elle.

Season 2 of "Love is Blind" was a bit rockier. Viewers weren't loving it for a number of reasons, from the lack of chemistry to the offensive fat-phobic comments being made. It didn't help that most of the couple seemed to crash and burn almost instantly after leaving the pods. Well, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones survived, but definitely had their very own set of ups and downs. From their very first step with Jarrette's proposal, things weren't sitting right with viewers as they watched him flip-flop between Iyanna and Mallory Zapata. Iyanna shared with Us Weekly how difficult it was to watch him seemingly flirt with Mallory during the couple's honeymoon: "When I watched, I was like, 'Ah, God.' Like, it was just so awkward. But at the same time, while the feelings felt fresh, I was constantly reminding myself, 'That's not who he is.'"

But once the couple got past their love triangle, it seemed their deep bond and effortless banter would carry them through, but that was only the beginning of their marital struggles.

Iyanna and Jarrette continue to grow together

After barely safely escaping the love triangle they were caught in, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones found that while their differences were what allowed them to work so well together, those differences could also threaten their relationship. Viewers watched as Iyanna struggled to come to terms with Jarrette's late-night partying lifestyle, as she herself was an introvert that preferred to stay at home, per Netflix. At the end of the show, they were still one of the few couples to say "I do" and celebrate their marriage. During the eagerly anticipated reunion, the couple opened up about some of their marriage since "Love is Blind" concluded.

Jarrette explained during the reunion, "Married life has been fun, it's been a rollercoaster ... If anybody says that marriage is easy they're lying." While Iyanna shared her own thoughts, explaining, "It's been hard but it's been really rewarding too." The couple addressed their main struggle of Jarrette's bachelor lifestyle, and explained how they have been compromising to figure out a balance between their different lifestyle preferences. 

Speaking to People, the couple shared their plans moving on from the show. "The first thing on our agenda is to travel because we had talked about that in the pod so much, about how we just wanted to travel the world before we settle down again, having children," Iyanna explained. Jarrette concluded on a positive note, "I've learned throughout this marriage that I've been able to grow and the growth that I've seen, it's only been positive and benefited this relationship."