The Story Behind Quinn And Liam's Disturbing 'Romance' On The Bold And The Beautiful

It's no secret to longtime "The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers that Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) prioritizes what she thinks is best for her son, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), over anything else — including the law, common sense, and decent human behavior. Among the many questionable things Quinn has done in an effort to give Wyatt whatever he wants (even when he rejects her meddling) was when she kidnapped his half-brother Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) when the two men were fighting over the same woman (via CBS). This was a "The Bold and the Beautiful storyline even die-hard fans couldn't get behind

When Wyatt arrived in the fictional version of Los Angeles in 2013, he and Liam were already grown men and battling over women before they even knew they shared the same father, Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont), according to Soaps in Depth. Since meeting, the two have found themselves in a never-ending and bewildering love quadrangle with Hope Logan (Kim Matula, Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes). To paint a picture of the insanity, Liam has married both women three times and Wyatt has married each once — all over the course of a decade.

It was in the midst of this chaos in 2016 when Quinn took it upon herself to remove Liam from the situation when he and Wyatt were both vying for Steffy's affections. What followed was a twisted and sordid tale as Quinn took advantage of the younger man both psychologically and romantically.

Quinn kidnaped an unconscious Liam

Poor Liam Spencer has been known to have his head knocked around quite a bit on "The Bold and the Beautiful," suffering from many concussions over the years (via Fame10). A few days after being knocked unconscious in an airplane bathroom, Liam passed out in a parking lot during an argument with Quinn Fuller about Steffy Forrester. Instead of calling an ambulance, Quinn loaded him into her car and brought him to a remote cabin (via CBS).

Quinn knew that Liam had broken off his engagement to Steffy after catching her with Wyatt, and that she'd asked him to meet up with her so she could try to explain and win him back. However, knowing that Wyatt was also in love with Steffy, Quinn believed that by preventing Liam from getting to the meeting, her son would be able to move in on Steffy himself. While Liam was passed out, it provided her with the perfect opportunity to do just that and she texted Steffy from his phone to tell her that he wasn't coming.

When Liam finally awoke and seemed to be suffering from amnesia, Quinn decided that she could continue to use the situation to her own (and Wyatt's) advantage (via Soaps).

Quinn and Liam played house as Adam and Eve

When Liam Spencer woke up in a strange place with no memory he understandably looked toward the woman taking care of him for answers. Rather than telling Liam the truth about who he was, Quinn Fuller concocted a story about their past, telling her son's brother that his name was Adam, hers was Eve, and that they were husband and wife (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

For the next several months, Quinn continued to tell Liam fake tales of their past together, even going so far as to photoshop wedding pictures of themselves together. The "couple" slept together and their romantic connection deepened as Quinn began confiding in her young lover about deeply personal (true) things from her childhood (via Soaps). In return, "Adam" showed her sweet affection she had been missing in all of her previous relationships, even telling her that he was excited at the prospect of falling in love with her all over again.

Meanwhile, Quinn continued to support Wyatt and Steffy as they grew closer together and eventually married (via CBS). All the while, she played dumb as all of Liam's friends and family (including her own son) worried about the man who had "disappeared" without an explanation.

An attempted murder and a love confession

Quinn Fuller's imaginary life with Liam as they played house as loving married couple Adam and Eve started to crumble when Liam began having flashes of past memories return (via Enstarz). Around the same time, Quinn's estranged husband, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), showed up at the cabin and discovered what she was up to with Liam (via Soap Central). He tried to convince her to do the right thing and return Liam to his real life, telling her that she would end up in prison for her actions. However, Quinn wasn't willing to jeopardize Wyatt and Steffy's newfound happiness. Not to mention the fact that she had genuinely fallen in love with Liam by this point.

Despite her reservations, Quinn eventually agreed with Deacon that the situation with Liam wasn't sustainable and decided that she might need to kill him to make the problem go away (via Soaps). Deacon reluctantly agreed to help Quinn and together they hatched a plan to "accidentally" push Liam off of a nearby cliff. However, when the moment came Quinn's feelings for Liam won out and she ended up pushing Deacon instead.

All of Quinn's lies were revealed

Not long after Deacon Sharpe's surprise visit to the cabin, Wyatt Spencer made an attempt to visit his mother as well. Much to his surprise, he found the "missing" Liam Spencer there, too (via Soaps). Quinn Fuller tried to explain the situation away to her son, citing his relationship with Steffy Forrester and her own love of Liam. However, nothing would convince Wyatt that she wasn't crazy. Fortunately for Liam, after one look at his brother his memory came flooding back. Quinn tried to convince the younger man that her feelings for him were real and they could still be together, but Liam was desperate to get back to Steffy, not knowing she had married Wyatt in his absence (via Celebrating the Soaps).

The two brothers ended up locking Quinn in a closet before taking off for Los Angeles, though she was soon freed by Deacon who had miraculously survived his fall from the cliff (via Soap Central). Quinn went into hiding following the epic showdown, but she risked capture to visit Liam and try to win him back. However, he promptly had her arrested instead. Quinn's attorney was eventually able to get the charges dropped by pointing out that Liam had a consensual sexual relationship with Quinn which would make his claims difficult to prove in court — never mind the fact that he was amnesiac at the time or being held hostage.

Ultimately, "Eve" was never able to get her "Adam" back. Liam went on to reconnect with Hope Logan and Steffy multiple times and Quinn entered into a years-long marriage to Eric Forrester (John McCook), before recently falling in love with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor).