Here Are All The Women Carter Has Loved On The Bold And The Beautiful

Lawrence Saint-Victor has appeared in several TV shows and short films since he got started in the entertainment industry in 2004, but he has spent the majority of his acting career on daytime. His first major role was as police officer Remy Boudreau on the soap "Guiding Light" from 2006 to 2009. He made his return to the genre in 2013 when he was cast as Forrester Creations attorney on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Saint-Victor has had a successful career behind the camera, as well. He has collaborated with "B&B" co-star Karla Mosley several times as writers and producers of digital series, including co-creating and co-writing the "B&B" web series "Room8," along with the soap's executive producer and head writer Bradley P. Bell (via CBS). Saint-Victor enjoys screenwriting as well and scripted two episodes of "B&B" in 2015.

Saint-Victor only appeared periodically on the sudser from 2016 to 2019, but has become a much more prominent character in the years since, primarily due to his complicated romantic relationships with some of the show's leading ladies. In close to a decade on the soap, Carter Walton has only had four significant relationships, which is less than what some characters experience in a year (via Soap Central). Here are the special women who have managed to capture the heart of one of the fictional Los Angeles' (somewhat) upstanding men.

Maya Avant and Carter crossed paths, but not without difficulty

Attorney Carter Walton first arrived in Los Angeles to visit his adoptive brother Marcus Forrester (Texas Battle) and quickly got involved in helping Marcus' wife, Dayzee Leigh (Kristolyn Lloyd), with a special project (via Soap Central). Dayzee's friend Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) had given up a baby for adoption when she was wrongly incarcerated and was now searching for her child. While lending his legal expertise to Maya, Carter became interested in her and the two started a flirtation — despite the fact that she was clearly hung up on Rick Forrester (Jacob Young).

Carter and Maya grew closer romantically while reading a script for the web series "Room8" that they were acting in (which their portrayers Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley had created in real life — how meta!). Their relationship became more serious and Carter eventually proposed, blind to the fact that Maya wasn't exactly thrilled to be walking down the aisle and was only trying to distract herself from the fact that Rick was marrying Caroline Spencer II (Linsey Godfrey), according to Soaps in Depth.

Though Carter thought his relationship was smooth-sailing, he soon found out that Maya had tried to seduce Rick, and promptly broke off their engagement. Later, he also discovered that Maya was a transgender woman and was hurt that she had never shared that information with him during their relationship. However, Maya and Rick found their way to each other eventually and Carter supported the couple when they were married in 2015.

Zoe Buckingham had eyes for someone else

In late 2019, Zoe Buckingham (then Kiara Barnes) returned to Los Angeles after some time away and began working at Forrester Creations as a model (via Soaps in Depth). After meeting the company's attorney Carter Walton, the two became fast friends. In fact, Carter was supposed to officiate Zoe's wedding to Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), until the relationship went up in flames. While Carter supported Zoe through her difficult break-up, their friendship turned romantic and they began dating.

Unfortunately for Carter, he found himself in yet another relationship with a woman who had eyes for someone else (via Geeks). Designer Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz) had caught the attention of Zoe and she began fighting with her sister Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) over his affections, despite the fact she and Carter had gotten engaged. Zende rejected Zoe's advances because he was interested in Paris, but Carter found out his fiancée had tried to seduce another man and quickly ended their engagement.

Realizing her mistake, Zoe desperately tried to win Carter back and enlisted her friend Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) to put in a good word for her. However, Zoe soon realized Carter had moved on when she caught him in bed with someone else, according to Soaps. Little did she know that Quinn was his secret bedfellow! Carter and Zoe eventually reconciled and planned to marry again until she found out that he lied about sleeping with Quinn and she decided to end things for good and leave town.

Carter's relationship with Paris Buckingham got complicated

Following Zoe Buckinham's break-up with Carter Walton, the model took off to France for an extended period. Her sister Paris Buckinham, who had seemingly found happiness in her relationship with Zende Forrester Dominguez, was shocked when she began feeling an attraction to Carter (via Soap Central). Things only intensified when Carter told Paris that Zende was planning to propose to her. Fearing that level of commitment, Paris asked Zende if they could have an open relationship, which he agreed to. Paris and Carter then began pursuing their feelings more openly. However, in June 2022, both Carter and Paris' mother Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech) thought that she should give her relationship with Zende another shot.

Regardless of his previous advice, Carter soon went on to propose to Paris — the man really loves getting down on one knee — as a distraction technique to avoid dealing with his feelings for Quinn Forrester (via Soaps). The pair decided to practically run down the aisle and planned a wedding for the very next day, despite the misgivings of everyone around them. Predictably, things didn't go as planned and when Quinn crashed the wedding to declare her love to Carter, he promptly left Paris as the altar.

Carter and Quinn Forrester couldn't quit each other

Carter Walton's friendship with jewelry designer Quinn Forrester first turned romantic during their one-night tryst that Zoe Buckingham walked in on. However, after Zoe was out of the picture, Carter and Quinn gave into their mutual desires and began a full-blown affair, regardless of the fact that Quinn was married to Eric Forrester (John McCook), according to SoapHub. Eric found out about his wife's infidelity and eventually revealed to Quinn that the reason that he hadn't been intimate with her was because he was dealing with erectile dysfunction. As a way to save their marriage, Eric suggested that Quinn continue to see Carter to satisfy her physical needs — an offer that she quickly took him up on.

It didn't take long, though, for Eric to realize he wasn't comfortable with the situation and he asked Quinn to fully recommit to their marriage. Carter also wanted Quinn all to himself and she was forced to make a decision. She ultimately chose to return to her husband and broke things off with Carter, leaving him free to begin his romance with Paris.

It was about a year later when Quinn and Eric finally called it quits, when she discovered that he had rekindled an old romance with Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) (via Soap Central). The pair realized that they were in love with other people and Eric sent Quinn off to claim Carter before he exchanged vows with Paris. Carter and Quinn, whom fans have lovingly dubbed "Quarter," seem to be enjoying their first blissful weeks as an official couple, but rumors about Paris being pregnant might throw a wrench in their newfound happiness (via Soaps).