Mzi 'Zee' Dempers Reveals Which Below Deck Captain He'd Like To Work With Next - Exclusive

Season 7 of Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean" has already been filled with a boatload of drama, and there's guaranteed to be much more as new episodes air. Returning for a second charter season with Captain Sandy is Mzi "Zee" Dempers, a real fan favorite from the show's sixth season. 

One of the reasons Dempers is back for another season is because he developed such a strong rapport with Captain Sandy, who helped to mentor the deckhand and encouraged his development on board. "Working with Captain Sandy, honestly, is super incredible because she pushes you in places that you don't know that you need to be pushed," he told The List. "When you think you're doing enough, you could be doing more. Throughout [this] season and throughout last season too, that's something that she has done with me. She makes me want to do better myself [and] better for the team."

While Dempers undoubtedly has a solid connection with Captain Sandy, The List wanted to find out if the deckhand had his sights set on working with any other "Below Deck" captains in the successful franchise.

'Captain Lee seems a bit harsher than Captain Sandy'

"Below Deck Mediterranean" fans loved watching Mzi "Zee" Dempers develop as a deckhand throughout Season 6 of the show, which is why it's so exciting that he's returned for another charter season. As for whether or not he'd be open to appearing on another "Below Deck" spin-off, Dempers told The List, "I adore Captain Sandy's management style." He continued, "It's great, and it works really well." 

While Dempers is definitely open to working with a different "Below Deck" captain, he knows the experience would be totally different. "Captain Lee [from 'Below Deck'] seems a bit harsher than Captain Sandy, more cutthroat," he said. "A lot of the time, I thrive under pressure ... but at the same time, I love a chill environment." 

However, "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" might be a good option for Dempers, who said, "Captain Glenn seems quite laid back." He added, "Coming from a sailing background, sailing generally is a lot more relaxed than what a superyacht would be." While Mzi and Sandy seem like a dream team, the deckhand told us that he "could work with any of the captains. They all seem to bring something different to the table and something different to learn from," he revealed. So watch this space for more Mzi "Zee" Dempers on your screens.

"Below Deck Mediterranean" airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. New episodes are available for streaming one week early on Peacock.