The Best Bangs For Heart-Shaped Faces

While anyone can, and should, try any hairstyle they like, the truth is no one looks their best with every single trendy haircut. It's important to find the version of that hairstyle that suits you the most.

Hair texture is a big factor in choosing a haircut that looks good on you (via All Things Hair). If your hair is thin and stringy, it's probably not best to keep it super long — a short blunt look may be ideal. However, if your hair is thick, coarse, and curly, a sharp style might not be as appealing as longer layers. Though stylists agree that there is no look that is strictly off limits, some cuts look better than others and much of that depends on your face shape. Hair stylist Lorna Pollack tells Byrdie that when trying to optimize a haircut, the key is to "move the eye away from other points of the face."

Bangs are a hit with all types of hair and face shapes. When it comes to heart-shaped faces, there are a few things to remember.

First, make sure your face is truly heart-shaped

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells Real Simple that face shape can impact several choices. "Knowing and understanding your face shape can be important for a number of reasons — [like] when choosing a hairstyle, picking sunglasses, grooming your eyebrows, or applying makeup," he said.

Still, it can be difficult to know what shape your face really is but there are ways to find out. Shafer says you can tell if your face is heart-shaped by first looking at your hairline (per Real Simple). Those with heart-shaped faces usually have widow's peak hairlines, instead of flat hairlines that go straight across the top of the head. That means if you have a heart-shaped face, your hairlines will likely come to a V in the middle of the forehead, according to Healthline.

Another telltale characteristic of a heart-shaped face is a pointy chin, as Cosmopolitan reported. In addition, the cheeks are the widest part of the face, just slightly bigger than the forehead. The jawline is smaller than the forehead.

Go with curtain bangs or crescent bangs

One option that looks good on heart-shaped faces often is bangs cut straight across the forehead. However, avoid a sharp, blunt bang. Bangs look best with this facial structure when they're long, shaggy, and have some bounce to them. Feathery, fringe bangs make the jaw appear longer. Celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos tells HudaBeauty, "For a heart-shaped face, you should opt for curtain bangs with longer outer edges that are slightly shorter in the middle. This will give a little more symmetry to the face and make it look more oval!"

Crescent bangs also compliment the features of a heart-shaped face, according to Glamour. These fringe bangs are also shorter in the middle, longer on the sides, and provide just the right amount of volume and a slight arc.

Finally, though it's tempting to cut your own bangs, it's best to visit your salon and get a professional cut to make sure the bangs fall just right for your heart-shaped face. This is especially true if you haven't had bangs before and are starting new.