Josie Addison

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Cape Town, South Africa
University Of Cape Town
Celebrity Profiles, Relationship Advice, Women's Health
  • Josie traveled to the Philippines to cover the reality show "Survivor." She won't forget sitting on an island in a makeshift hut, nibbling biscuits while watching tribal council unfold in real time on a small monitor, or speeding across the South China Sea alongside the show's host and crew.
  • As an enthusiast of glossy mags since her early teens, Josie harbors a passion for style, travel, movies, and literature.
  • When Josie isn't penning articles about celebrities or the latest wellness conversations, you can find her in a yoga class, surfing, or indulging in the very shows she writes about.


Josie started as a travel and conservation writer, working on a private game reserve in Africa. Her love of nature led her to cover investigative pieces about climate, poaching, pollutants in the ocean and recycling. She had a lot of fun working at a TV magazine covering the latest film, series and reality shows. And of course the perks of attending media launches. Her writing career is now balanced between all her loves: entertainment, travel, wellness and lifestyle.


Josie has a bachelor's degree in film and media studies from the University of Cape Town.
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