Risky Sun Sign Combinations That Actually Make Great Couples - Exclusive

Astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves and other people, including personality and preferred hobbies. The four elements of the zodiac signs — water, air, earth, and fire — can dictate the type of person you are, and who you get along with. And they're not just for fun; your zodiac sign may reveal things about your health, so it's good to know at least the basic things about your sign.

Astrology can even reveal which zodiac sign most likely to be unfaithful and which zodiac signs you are most compatible with. So how to use that info strategically? You may have a vague idea of which signs you are drawn to, but what about zodiac pairings that all round appear to be a terrible mix? If you're wondering whether passionate fire signs can really work with grounded earth signs, you may be surprised at the answer. The List spoke exclusively to astrologer Rachel Clare from Mysticsense, who gave some key insight into four unlikely zodiac pairs that do actually work.

Fiery Leo and sensible Capricorn can actually work well together

Represented by the lion, Leos are well known for being fiery. On the other hand, Capricorns are down to earth and grounded, which on the surface makes these two signs very incompatible. However, astrologer Rachel Clare states that this discordance between Leos and Capricorns "may actually bring out the best in each other and help to level each other out in their areas of weakness."

Capricorns are excellent at planning the next trip out, but find it difficult to let loose and have fun because of their built-in practicality. Though very loving, they can often appear overbearing due to their love for detail. Leo zodiacs are the complete opposite, prioritizing fun above all else. This can often lead to impulsivity and recklessness, two traits definitely not found in a typical Capricorn. Still, Clare believes that these contrasting traits can benefit a Leo/Capricorn couple, stating, "Capricorn are remarkably good at keeping Leo's ego in check, while Leo is able to draw out the fun and carefree side of Capricorn — a side that often remains hidden." 

Sometimes, earth and water signs can work together

Another fiery yet grounded zodiac couple combination is Taurus and Scorpio. Much like fiery Leos, Scorpios definitely have bite. Represented by the scorpion and falling under the water element, they aren't afraid to fight for themselves and are incredibly passionate. Conversely, Tauruses are reliable and incredibly down-to-earth. However, they are also earth signs, meaning they often have a stubborn nature that can be a force to reckon with.

As astrologer Rachel Clare states, both signs "have very different approaches to life," which can lead to a sense of incompatibility. Nevertheless, Taurus and Scorpio zodiacs do share a major trait: determination. Clare revealed that both signs "value stability and security and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Due to this, both signs hold a deep admiration for one another's sense of drive." Commitment is the force behind a Taurus/Scorpio relationship, so don't be afraid to share your goals with your partner. 

Libra and Aries can balance each other out and create a solid relationship foundation

Another unusually compatible pairing is Aries with Libras. Per astrologer Rachel Clare, these two signs balance each other out for a harmonious relationship. While Aries zodiacs are represented by the headstrong ram, meaning they are often impulsive, Libras are "symbolized by the Scales of Justice" and "[value] fairness and cooperation." In turn, this balancing combination "can bring a sense of stability to the relationship."

Aries definitely aren't lacking in self-belief and confidence, and, like Scorpios, they're full of passion. Because of this, they may seem incompatible with Libras, who tend to hold a sense of balance above all. Still, per Reader's Digest, Libras can "forge a bond based on mutual respect and understanding" with Aries. Moreover, Clare points out that both signs are both "optimistic and enjoy socializing, which means they often share a fun and active social life together." In addition to this, both signs "value beauty and aesthetics, which can bring a shared appreciation for the arts and good living."

Fire and air together can end well, as demonstrated by this unusual pairing

Aquarius, represented by the water bearer, is an air sign. Sagittarius, represented by the archer, is a fire sign. On the surface, they don't appear compatible at all. However, astrologer Rachel Clare believes that "Sagittarius and Aquarius can often make a strong duo because they share a common desire for adventure and individuality."

A famous Aquarius is Harry Styles, who is known for being unconventional and innovative in his work (via Cosmopolitan). These are typical traits of an Aquarius, due to the sign being ruled by "non-conformist Uranus." This is in direct contrast to Sagittarians, who are "ruled by lucky Jupiter" and "are generally very spontaneous, optimistic, and freedom-loving." Just like how a Taurus/Scorpio relationship is undermined by a shared love for drive and commitment, an Aquarius/Sagittarius relationship works as both signs "value their independence and are not afraid to pursue their own goals and dreams."