14 Chic And Flattering Wig Styles For Oval-Shaped Faces

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Choosing the perfect wig isn't about synthetic versus human hair; it's about understanding the best hairstyles for your face shape. And if you're lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face, you have plenty of options to choose from. Oval faces are characterized by balanced features, a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a gently curved chin. It's considered to be the most versatile face shape, which means you can pull off a wide range of wig styles.

However, the balance of an oval face's features also means that the wrong hairstyle can elongate or widen the face unflatteringly. The key to picking smashing wigs for your oval face is going for styles that don't add too much width or height to your face without balancing the other side out. Another pro tip is to go for wigs that enhance and highlight your best features. Need some ideas? We've got you covered. Here are 14 of the best wig styles for oval faces.

Straight lob wigs

Straight lob wigs are an easy way to add volume and fullness to the hair while playing to the natural proportionality of oval faces. Feel free to tweak the length or curl of your lob to fit your personality.  A middle part will give you a chic and classic look, while a C-part looks more natural and edgy because it adds a bit of asymmetry to the style. 

Lob wigs are also great because of how little styling they need. A standard rattail comb is suitable for daily upkeep, while a straightener can redefine its shape to make sure your wig lasts.

Finger waves wigs

Finger waves go back to the 1920s and are the perfect wigs for a glamorous and sophisticated look. If you're a sucker for eye-catching wigs that can be styled in multiple ways, this is the look for you. Finger wave wigs with flowing waves can soften the angles of an oval face and create a romantic look. 

They can be particularly fitting on a vintage outfit, especially if you add accessories to the mix. To style a finger wave wig, you'd need a strong gel suitable for the hair type and a rattail comb. Many finger wave wigs aren't parted, but a C-part can make an oval face look softer and more delicate.

Pixie cut wigs

Pixie cuts are one of the edgiest and most versatile wigs for oval faces. They add structure to the hair and accentuate the eyes and high cheekbones — the best features of oval faces. Pixie cuts can be tousled and textured or sleek and polished, depending on your wig preferences. 

Even better, many pixie cut wigs do not come with closures, making them easy to wear and style on the go! If you're trying to achieve Rihanna's signature pixie look, pair your pixie cut with some piecey bangs that stop atop your brows.

Long wavy wigs

Oval faces can never go wrong with long, wavy wigs. Long, soft, flowing waves highlight an oval face's best features, giving a bold and confident look. Long, wavy wigs are typically parted in the center to enhance the boldness of the look, but a side part is just the right way to soften your features slightly. 

Avoid hair brushes when caring for long wavy wigs, especially if your wig is made from human hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wig without frizzing or shedding it.

Long curly wigs

Long curly wigs are never going out of style, especially for oval faces. The fullness of the locks adds volume and dimension to the hair, complementing the face's features. Long curly wigs are also perfect for a carefree and youthful look, especially if the curls are tousled. If you're hooked on this hairstyle, you'd be pleased to know that this curly wig is available on Amazon for less than $25. 

Unfortunately, curly wigs are harder to maintain than wavy and straight wigs. Synthetic curly wigs like the one pictured usually regain their curls with a bit of curl cream, but human hair curly wigs require detangling, conditioning, and bendy rollers since they are of higher quality.

Wigs with wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are one of the best bang styles for oval faces because they frame the face and soften its curves. The feathered locks of various lengths highlight the eyes and cheekbones, giving a soft, feminine look. You can pair a wispy fringe with various wig styles, irrespective of which hair texture you prefer. 

Wispy bangs can also serve as an upgrade to any wig styles you currently like. For example, StyleCraze suggests pairing a simple bob cut with a wispy bang to make the hairstyle more elegant. Pro tip? Buy wigs with removable bangs to give you two looks in one!

Straight wigs

Straight wigs are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to style an oval face. For starters, they complement the balanced features of oval faces while framing the face and highlighting the eyes and cheekbones. However, if you're going for a straight wig, you need to know that the length can make an oval face seem too long. 

To combat this, choose a side part or go for straight hair with bangs or layers. You can even choose a lace closure to make your hairline realistic. Hooked on the black wig? Get it at MyFirstWig for $320. The brown synthetic option is cheaper at $12 on Shein.

Wavy bob wigs

Wavy bob wigs are a must-have for every oval face. The soft, bouncy curls highlight the jawline, eyes, and cheekbones, accentuating the curves and angles of the face. Wavy bob wigs can be styled to frame and soften the angular parts of oval faces. Choose a lace frontal closure to create a realistic hairline to get the most out of this hairstyle. 

Lace frontals aren't the easiest to install, but you can use wig tape or clip to secure your wig. You can style wavy bob wigs with a middle part or with a side part to mimic Marilyn Monroe's classic bob. Both of these wavy wigs — platinum and black — are available at Shein!

Curly pixie wigs

If you don't know how to pull off a regular pixie haircut just yet, a curly pixie cut wig is a softer option that can knock years off an oval face. They add fullness to the hair and balance out the face's proportions while giving you a soft, youthful, and innocent look. Like regular pixie cuts, they highlight the cheekbones and eyes but also hint at a less edgy and more playful look. 

When shopping for the perfect curly pixie wig, go for a versatile one that lets you adjust the direction of your curls with curl cream. That way, you could let a few locks dangle across your forehead for a natural tousled look.

Half-up half-down wigs

Ponytails aren't the most flattering styles for oval faces, but half-up half-down wigs are an upgrade that add volume to the face without making it seem narrow. The half-up or ponytail section falls beautifully behind the neck, balancing out the features and adding volume to the crown of the hair. 

Half-up half-down wigs are also a strong fave because of how customizable they are. You can pair the style with straight or curly locks, but Good Housekeeping recommends beachy waves to add more volume to your look.

Headband wigs

If you hate how long it takes to fix up your hair before a quick errand, we present headband wigs. Headband wigs are connected to the headband, providing a smooth transition without a closure or major work to your edges. With this wig, you simply slip it on, and voila. Headband wigs are even more impressive because they are versatile. 

You can purchase a headband wig made of hair that's similar to your hair texture to hide the fact that you're wearing a wig at all. They are a simple, low-maintenance option that is a major lifesaver for busy people. Don't forget to style your baby hairs the right way to complete the look.

Baseball cap wigs

Baseball cap wigs are those "secret weapon" wigs that can be whatever you want. The idea is simple; the wig cap and extensions are attached to the insides of the baseball cap. This way, you can slip on a baseball cap, and it looks like you have a wig underneath. 

Baseball caps are quick and easy because they eliminate the need to worry about your edges, frontal, and how the wig sits on your head. You can choose synthetic or human hair when it comes to cap wigs, but having a wig cap stand is essential to keep the hair and cap safe.

Shoulder-length kinky curl wigs

Shoulder-length kinky curl wigs provide just the right volume and width to complement oval faces. In addition, they can softly frame the face, drawing attention to the cheekbones and jawline. 

If you're going for this wig type, you'll want to pick out your part and closure carefully. A middle part accentuates a classy look, while a side part can make the look even more voluminous, which better frames the face. If you can't choose, go for a free part which will allow you to part the wig the way you want. 

Wavy bob/lob with A-shaped bangs wigs

A wavy bob (or the slightly longer lob) with A-shaped bangs wigs are stylish, edgy, and can be particularly flattering for oval faces. The A-shaped bangs can soften the forehead and draw attention to the cheekbones, while the wave adds texture and volume to the hair. A bob that falls just below the chin can also help elongate the face while the waves balance the look. 

Wavy bobs/lobs with bangs are also one of the easiest ways to experiment with colors because of how well the style does with highlights, and they are incredibly easy to wear because you don't need a frontal to make them secure.