The Browscaping Beauty Trend Makes Room For More Creativity Above Your Eye Makeup Look

Just when you thought the possibilities for makeup looks had reached their limits, the powers that be came through with new eyebrow-raising trends to spice up your routine — extra emphasis on the brow bit, especially regarding this style phenomenon from the makeup world. Looking for creative ways to change up your eye makeup look? Meet brow makeup. 

For years, we've treated eyebrows as mere face-framing shapes. While their thickness and arch have changed over the years, the general rule of thumb has remained the same: pluck or wax them into shape, fill them in if necessary, and you're good to go. But why should your brows miss out on all the fun adornment you use on your lids, waterlines, and lashes? 

From negative space cut-outs to underlining and lots in between, there are plenty of ways you can zhush up your makeup using the space under, above, and in your brows.

Playing with added (or removed) color

There are endless ways to apply color to your eye area, whether you prefer shadow, liner, mascara, stick-on gems, or otherwise. But what about adding color to your brows? Siobhán McDonnell has an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial on how to turn your brows from natural hair shades to vivid hues like pink, purple, and blue. McDonnell creates her look sans bleach, using only a white eye pencil and eyeshadow. 

Opt for a single shade, a rainbow of colors, or small pops of color strategically placed along the brow's shape. If you want to incorporate color into your brows but don't want to put product in them, try adding an outline of color to the bottom, top, or tail end of your brows. Cream or stick formulas will be easier to blend for a natural transition from brow to color or vice versa. You can mix and match these colorful trends.

Alternatively, you can remove the color from your brows for an eye-catching bleached brow look. The bleached eyebrow trend has been spotted on celebs like Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. And while it might seem intimidating at first, there are plenty of ways to keep your bleached brows looking their best at home.

Playing with the shape of (and in) your brows

Before you start getting flashbacks of pencil-thin Y2K brows, hear us out: there's more than one way to alter your brow shape than just making them thinner. (But if you did over-pluck, here's how to reshape your brows after over-tweezing.) Changing up the shape of your eyebrows can be a fun way to add variety without adding tons of new products to your routine. 

If you want to stick with the classics, try figuring out the perfect eyebrow shape for your face and starting there. However, if you want to lean into modern brow trends, you could opt for straight eyebrows or temporary eyebrow tattoos. Playing with your brow shape can easily change your overall look while keeping everything else — your liner, shadow, cheeks, lips, etc. — the same. 

Another way to play with your brow shape is to add or remove shapes to the brows themselves. Playing with shapes can look like creating brow slits (Youtube has plenty of tutorials for both actual slits and fake slits), trying this spacey negative brow trend as seen on Allure, or using a nude liner to add shapes like hearts, stars, or other tiny icons to your brows.