Meet Dr. Oz And Lisa Oz's 4 Kids

Dr. Mehmet Oz has certainly had an interesting career in the public eye. In 2004, Dr. Oz first appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" as a medical expert, and quickly became a household name. Of course, the physician eventually got his own hit series, "The Dr. Oz Show," which lasted from 2009 to 2022. Dr. Oz has seemingly pivoted his focus to politics. He ran for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, but inevitably lost that election.

Dr. Oz isn't the only member of his family to be living their life in the spotlight though, considering that he's been married to author and TV/radio host Lisa Oz since 1985. The couple not only worked together on TV over the years, but welcomed four children between 1986 and 1999, who are Daphne, Arabella, Zoe, and Oliver Oz. Despite his impressive career, Dr. Oz told "First Class Fatherhood" that nothing quite changed his life like becoming a dad did. "I never loved anything quite like that ... it's a different kind of love. You'd happily give your life for your child," he explained. Lisa appears to feel the same way. As she once wrote on Instagram, "There is no greater love than a mothers love."

Nevertheless, the Oz children are now all grown up and have fascinating lives of their own, that include professional and personal successes outside of their parents' shadow. So let's meet Dr. Oz and Lisa Oz's four kids, Daphne, Arabella, Zoe, and Oliver.

Daphne Oz is public figure like her parents

When it comes to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz's kids, fans are probably the most familiar with their eldest daughter, Daphne Oz, because she followed in their footsteps with her own TV career. The chef/host did appear on her father's series, "The Dr. Oz Show" over the years, but really made a name for herself when she joined the hit daytime show, "The Chew" in 2011. She even won an Emmy for that show, beating out her dad. Daphne later gave him some credit though, by telling People, "My parents have taught all of their children that if you're going to bother doing anything, you should do it the best you can."

After "The Chew" ended in 2017, Daphne went on to host the short-lived food/talk show, "The Good Dish" in 2022. Around that time, she appeared on "MasterChef Junior" too, as a judge. She explained to Parade, "I am able to bring that range as an eater and cook that is, I think, approachable."

Like her mom and dad, Daphne has also authored several books, with hers focusing on recipes and lifestyle advice. These days, it's safe to say that Daphne is making waves as an influencer though, thanks to her 861K followers on Instagram, as well as her popular blog and YouTube channel. In terms of her career now, Daphne told WWD, "My wheelhouse is so clearly about the joy and pleasure of cooking, makeup, beauty, style, parenting and womanhood."

Daphne Oz is all about body positivity

It's safe to say that Daphne Oz is celebrated for using her platform to promote body positivity and a healthy lifestyle. While most of the Oz family has seemingly made their careers out of health, Daphne, in particular, has been open about how she's struggled with her weight in the past. She's also noted that she's been a variety of different sizes, which made her love of fashion a challenge.

After Daphne had her fourth child in 2020, she lost 50 pounds after becoming a WW ambassador. At the time, she told E! News, "I'm ... super excited to feel good in my skin and be on this journey with so many of the people that follow me on social media." Daphne still shares WW recipes on her Instagram, as well as tips on her daily workouts on her blog.

Yet, that doesn't mean that Daphne promotes a diet culture either. In fact, her book "Eat Your Heart Out" is full of recipes that help people eat clean without any major food restrictions. She also uses her Instagram to promote body confidence, by sharing bikini photos and preaching about acceptance. "I always hoped this would be a corner of the internet that would be ... about confidence: feeling good in your skin," she wrote in a 2023 post, adding, "It's become a place where ... we help each other see ourselves where we are."

Daphne Oz is a married mother of four

Like her dad and mom, Daphne Oz is married and a parent to four children. The former "Mom Brain" host tied the knot with her husband, financial analyst John Jovanovic, in 2010 after they met at Princeton University. They later welcomed their first child, daughter Philomena, in 2014, and then had their son Jovan Jr., a little over a year later. They expanded their family again in 2017, when their second daughter, Domenica, was born, and later welcomed their youngest, Giovanna, in 2019.

Despite their full house, Jovanovic expressed the benefits of finding alone time with Daphne. "Having parents who are happy really makes for a happy bond with the children," he explained to Us Weekly. As for Daphne, she seemingly has really taken to being a mother, despite its many challenges. One of those was finding a way to balance motherhood with her busy career. She even told Motherly, "I'm constantly in search of this balance where when I'm out of the home ... I'm 100% on, so that when I'm home I get to be 100% mom."

Daphne has also incorporated her family into her work in a way, since she often posts about them on her popular Instagram and has gotten them involved with her cooking too. She told People, "It's really important to me that my kids get to have that same memory with me of getting in the kitchen, making a little mess ... experimenting, having fun."

Arabella Oz has acted in movies before

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz's second daughter, Arabella Oz, had her own small brush with fame, having acted in 10 films and TV series since 2015. She most notably appeared in the 2017 horror movie "Jigsaw" and the 2018 drama "Billionaire Boys Club." Arabella originally had planned on working behind the scenes, even studying filmmaking at Columbia University. Yet she later somewhat stumbled into acting after she took a class on it in order to communicate better as a director, and ended up actually enjoying performing.

Arabella went on to make headlines in 2016 when she starred in her first feature film, "When the Starlight Ends," alongside "Outlander" star Sam Heughan. Reflecting on the project, she said in The Hollywood Reporter, "The days were long and the shoot was long but I loved every moment of it." Arabella even went outside of her comfort zone by shooting a skinny dipping scene for the film.

Dr. Oz was also very encouraging of Arabella's brief acting career and showed his support by attending a 2017 film festival in Boca Raton, Florida, where she had a movie showing. There he raved about her talents, telling The South Florida Sun Sentinel, "She's the kindest of my kids and taps into deeper emotions." Arabella decided that she ultimately wanted to remain behind the camera as a filmmaker in the future though, and still lists herself as a "screenwriter" in her Instagram bio to this day.

Arabella Oz is a therapist now

For the most part, Arabella Oz seems to have put the entertainment industry behind her because she's now working as a therapist. More specifically, she listed herself as a "LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) working in energy" in her Instagram bio. As she explained in Psychology Today, "My work involves mapping your internal system of thought and feeling, while helping you step outside of the patterns of your mind and into a deeper wholeness."

Arabella often writes about her approach to therapy on her Instagram as well. She's even been very open with her followers about her true feelings on mental health and healing traumas. With that said, Arabella appears to use social media very differently than her siblings, because she doesn't really post about her personal life. Yet, she did admit in a 2023 post that she now has the urge to share her creative musings on social media. Arabella explained, "Being a therapist AND having a public family, I'm always aware of how transparent/free I can be." She continued, "Right now the deeper feeling is a desire for more self-expression."

Arabella's father, Dr. Mehmet Oz, has made it clear that he's proud of her career change because she's contributing to the greater good. In a birthday tribute he posted on Facebook in 2020, he gushed, "[She] is now working as a therapist and guiding people through our turbulent times. Her kindness and profound insights have brought joy into our lives."

Zoe Oz works at a successful tech startup

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz's third daughter, Zoe Oz, hasn't worked in show business like her parents or older sisters, but she has found success in the tech industry. That's because she works for the startup Bilt Rewards, which is a loyalty program based on rent payments becoming reward points. There, she's served as Chief Marketing Officer since 2018, creating original campaigns to promote the company.

Zoe's business is booming too, considering that in 2022, Bloomberg reported that Bilt Rewards was worth $1.5 billion. Because of that, it can then be safely assumed that Zoe has accomplished her teenage goal of one day having a successful career like her dad. When asked about Dr. Oz's achievements back in 2012, Zoe told Your Teen Mag, "My dad's success can be intimidating, but it also inspires and drives me. I want to impress him." Between her degree from Hartford University and a lucrative career, we bet he's impressed.

From the looks of Zoe's Instagram, she seemingly enjoys her job at Bilt Rewards too. In 2021, she shared photos of herself at an event for the company where she expressed gratitude for her profession in the caption. She wrote, "I still feel a little like I'm dreaming. it has been such an incredible experience so far and i can't wait to see where it goes from here." She even posted photos of a party Bilt Rewards held in 2022, which she suggested was quite memorable. 

Zoe Oz is an Instagram influencer

Just because Zoe Oz never had her own show or starred in a movie doesn't mean she hasn't experienced the limelight in her own way. For Zoe, that seems to happen on social media where she has become somewhat of an Instagram influencer. The Kairos founder has what looks to be a perfectly curated feed that focuses on her fashion, home decor, travel, and her overall envy-inducing life in New York City. She also boasts over 11.5K followers and refers to herself as "your digital BFF" in her bio.

When it comes to being an influencer, Zoe doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She even joked in the caption of a selfie, "so excited for the 'so you're trying to be an influencer now?' comments!" It does appear that creating glamorous content would be a natural next step for her though, considering that, as mentioned, Zoe works in marketing, and has a background in fashion too. She interned at the clothing brand, Theory. 

Like her sister, Daphne Oz, Zoe has also shared videos of her cooking, but only has been open about some aspects of her personal life in her captions. For instance, when reflecting on her birthday in 2022, she gave her followers a few updates on her past year. She posted, "i bought my first home. i made huge changes in my personal life. i saw my family grow closer through adversity. i felt massive highs and lows professionally."

Oliver Oz is a med student who's into farming and fishing

Dr. Mehmet Oz won't be the only doctor in the family for long, because his youngest child, Oliver Oz, is on his way to becoming a physician. The Harvard University graduate has been attending medical school since 2021. That's when he posted a photo of himself in a white coat on Instagram, writing, "So excited to be entering the class of 2025 at Columbia Vagelos P&S. Got me a snazzy new coat too." Oliver has given updates on his life as an aspiring doctor since then, like when he shared a silly TikTok about the goings on in his med school apartment.

Oliver has other interests though, which according to his social media, looks to be spending time with animals, especially on his family's Pennsylvania farm. He even refers to himself as a "Novice Farmer" in his Instagram bio, and has shared several photos posing with cows, goats, and horses. Alongside a photo of him and his dog, Oliver wrote, "I think the PA farm life suits me." Nonetheless, Oliver apparently does leave his med school apartment and farm for some traveling too; Dr. Oz's son has posted about his adventures all over the world, from Switzerland to France.

Oliver also appears to be very into fishing, and calls himself a "Novice Fishermen." He's posted multiple photos of his catches, and it seems to be a hobby that he shares with his famous dad. 

Oliver Oz is a newlywed

If you follow Oliver Oz on Instagram, then you probably noticed that his wife, Katie Ballantine, is heavily featured on his feed. The couple have been together since at least 2021, and in 2022, they got engaged. Oliver has made it clear how smitten he is with Katie in many of his captions. In one post, he wrote, "Love you my girl. I look at you like you look at the cheese in that last video."

Oliver and Katie went on to have what looked like an engagement party in September 2022, before they tied the knot a year later in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The ceremony was reportedly held in a church, and the reception took place under a large tent enhanced with decorative lights. Oliver shared a photo and video from the celebration, which showed him dancing to a live band with his other half.

Oliver's sister, Daphne Oz, also shared some photos of the big day, and revealed that she and her sisters, Arabella and Zoe Oz, gave a speech. In another photo, she posted of the happy couple, Daphne gushed, "Cannot believe my baby brother is married, and to the girl of his dreams!!" Their dad, Dr. Mehmet Oz, was just as thrilled for his son and new daughter-in-law. In his own post about the wedding, he wrote, "A parent's greatest joy is seeing our children make wise decisions based on the right values, and Oliver has done that by marrying his perfect match."

The Oz siblings are close with each other

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz's four kids sure seem to get along swimmingly. After Oliver Oz's wedding weekend, for example, Daphne Oz posted a photo of the siblings and their respective spouses hamming it up for the camera together. Zoe Oz has also shared multiple photos with her siblings. In one post, she noted that all of the pictures they've taken over years that show their similar yet different personalities. "It's a special thing to have family members that also feel like best friends," she wrote.

Even Arabella Oz, who doesn't have a lot up on her Instagram feed, created a reel of a vacation that she took  with her siblings in Maine. Zoe seemingly posted from the same trip and gave her sister photo credit. Oliver has also shared adventures he's had with his sisters, like when he and Daphne went to Alaska, or when the family was in Spain. And, of course, each Oz sibling has given each other birthday tributes on social media, too. Zoe, in particular, has made it clear on her Instagram that she especially adores Daphne's kids, and has a special bond with her youngest niece, Gigi.

Overall, the Oz siblings clearly have their own things going on and are thriving in their lives in different ways. Yet, it's evident that they're part of a close family that just likes being together.