4 Times The Internet Went Wild Over Barron Trump

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There are some things Barron Trump can't avoid. He certainly can't escape his famous moniker (although dad Donald Trump wanted to give Barron a different first name after he was born). He'll have to resign himself to moving back to the White House for another four years if Donald wins a second term as president in 2024. And despite his best efforts, Barron can't get away from speculation about his life and opinions. Unlike his very public and very outspoken stepbrother Donald Trump Jr., the 17-year-old high school senior has been kept away from news cameras and social media by his protective parents. Even when he does make an appearance, he usually looks as though he wishes he were somewhere (anywhere!) else. 

It's likely a combo of curiosity and sympathy that makes Barron an internet sensation whenever he's photographed, or when any fragment of news about him crops up. People can't help wondering whether he supports his father's political views, or if he'll become another rebel presidential son like Ron Reagan. If Barron goes away to college in a year or so, all the talk will be focused on the major he picks, the social clubs he joins, and any potential love interests he develops. If Donald becomes the 47th POTUS, the gossip, memes, and tweets about Barron will only intensify. But will they ever top the most famous social media attention he got back in his dad's first term? Let's take a look back.

His dad's victory couldn't keep him awake

In a turn of events no one could have predicted a year earlier, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Republicans hailed it as a breath of fresh air for America: a political newcomer overcoming the odds to defeat White House veteran Hillary Clinton. But as often happens on election nights, it took hours for the votes to be counted and finalized. By the time Trump was declared the winner, it was 3:00 AM in New York, where he was waiting to give his victory speech. 

Running mate Mike Pence, along with the Trump family, stood beside the newly elected president's podium as he spoke about rebuilding the country. "No dream is too big, and no challenge is too great," he declared. Well...one challenge almost proved too great. Barron, then 10, was standing next to his father at the time, so cameras caught him valiantly trying to stay awake. Yet he still nearly nodded off right there on the spot (as seen here on Florida's ABC News afflilate), and at times, he appeared to roll his eyes at his dad.

Dozens of online viewers expressed their sympathy. "Don't worry Barron; most of us were tired as well," was a typical response. The footage even went viral in Japan, per BuzzFeed; not only did viewers note the boy's fatigue, but some also noted how "cute" he was. One remarked, "I wonder if he'll start looking like his father when he grows old."

People were amused by Barron's brush-off

Inauguration Day 2017 was one of the proudest moments in the life of Donald John Trump. For Barron William Trump, perhaps not so much. As his dad took his oath of office and addressed the nation for the first time as president, Barron once again seemed distracted. He was spotted frequently glancing away from the action and even openly yawning, as he had on election night. Was he overwhelmed by all the pomp and circumstance? Upset over having to move away from the Manhattan home he'd known since birth? Or just anxious to get out of the cold after standing outside at the Capitol for so long? Whatever the reason, the newly minted youngest first son barely cracked a smile during the entire ceremony.

After the swearing-in formalities, the president and his family took the traditional walk toward the White House. Even Barron gamely waved to the crowd. But when it came time to return to their limo to ride the rest of the route, Melania Trump reached for her son's hand, and he appeared to pull it away (you can see it here at 2:31). 

The moment didn't go unnoticed. Comments on CNN's video included, "Melania was about to hold Barron's hand but he pushed his hand away.. poor Melania that rejection." A second viewer defended the boy, writing, "[I]t doesn't mean he hates his mom or had a bad childhood, he was more than likely just wanting to look/act older and look independent."

Rumors spread about Barron Trump's supposed gaming interests

There's not much we know about Barron Trump, other than basics such as his March 20 birthday, his elite prep school education (he's poised to graduate in 2024 from the Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, FL), and, of course, the fact that he towers above both his parents. The height difference between Barron and Donald Trump is rumored to be a source of tension; the would-be 47th president enjoys presenting an imposing figure to the public, and being made to look smaller by his son is reportedly a sore point with him. But one alleged fact about the teen once caused another uproar on social media.

As reported by Slate, in the summer of 2020, an online rumor caught fire that Barron had an active account on the Roblox game-creation platform. Someone even went to the trouble of creating a bogus image, which claimed the then-first son was a fan of K-pop and supported LGBTQ+ rights. Intrigued Twitter users posted messages of support using the #FreeBarron hashtag, suggesting he needed to be liberated either from his family or from the restrictions of White House life. One user wrote, "Barron Trump has so much potential and deserves so much better. We can't let him turn into his dad. We can still save him while he's young!"

The rumors quieted down after the Trumps left Washington. But if the family returns there in 2024, it's quite possible another such story about Barron will make the rounds — and start the hashtag trending again.

A century-old book with Barron's name has conspiracy theorists talking

Back in 1890, an American children's book author named Ingersoll Lockwood wrote two books featuring a protagonist with a very familiar name: "Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger" and a sequel, "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey." The novels are available on Amazon as a set that includes another Lockwood title, "The Last President." Sometime around 2020, the Twitterverse (otherwise known as the pre-Xverse) discovered the books existed, and the coincidence was just too irresistible. "Barron Trump time traveler" trended, with reactions ranging from the humorous to the downright disturbing. One commenter joked, "I don't know; Barron Trump being a time traveler sounds pretty entertaining to me." Another used AI to generate images of Barron in a time-traveling gaming mode.

The news also triggered conspiracy theorists, who argued online that the book proves Barron is a for-real time traveler. One particularly, um, interesting tweet spins a convoluted claim involving a future Donald Trump going back in time to prevent an upcoming nuclear war. He also apparently saved Abraham Lincoln and JFK from being assassinated, and put body doubles in their place. (Yep, there are people who actually believe this.)

No proof has been unearthed that Lockwood's books are more than just fantasy. If they were factual, don't you think Barron would use his powers to either put his father back in office or keep him out of it?