Tyler Cameron Opens Up About Life In The Aftermath Of The Bachelorette

With all of the hullabaloo around Tyler Cameron's love life in the months since The Bachelorette wrapped, no one has really paid much attention to how he's been doing in the aftermath of the season. While he was (very) briefly linked to Bachelorette Hannah Brown following her split from the winner of the show, Jed Wyatt, Tyler then quickly moved on to supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Tyler's relationship with Hadid was never officially confirmed, and it looks like he's single for now. In a recent interview with People, the reality star and model opened up about how things have been since we last saw him on The Bachelorette.

Tyler Cameron is training for two marathons

Tyler Cameron is keeping his ripped physique strong by training for two marathons, practically back-to-back. He's planning to run in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 20. He'll be raising money for his food charity in the 26.2 mile race. After that, Tyler plans to participate in the TCS New York City Marathon on November 3. 

Running has been a welcome distraction for Tyler, who said that he loves, "clearing your mind and just pushing yourself to distances you've never been before." He added that he loves to see his performance improve. "It's fun. It keeps you wanting to do more and more and more. So it's been a whole new world I never thought I would enjoy that I truly love and enjoy doing now."

Tyler Cameron has been keeping tabs on his former flame

Even though things didn't work out with Hannah Brown, Tyler still seems friendly towards her. He admitted that he's been following her as she competes on Dancing With the Stars this season. "I have watched a little bit from the snippets that I've seen on my phone," he said. "I've been moving, I don't have a TV yet, so I haven't really been able to watch it at all, but what I've seen she's been killing it and doing well, so happy for her."

Tyler also said that he's happy for his former competitor, "Pilot" Pete Weber, who is the current Bachelor. "He's got an amazing heart, just an amazing family," said the reality star. "So well-deserving. I mean, the kid's a total knockout. I love the kid. I hope this journey for him is an amazing one. I hope he finds that person for him. Yeah, there's not enough good things I can say about that dude. He's incredible."

Don't ask Tyler Cameron about his dating life

Tyler Cameron seems to be doing pretty well, post-Bachelorette, but there are some things he just won't talk about. The reality star is keeping quiet about his love life (not that we can blame him). It doesn't seem like he's seeing anyone, although he admitted that fans keep trying to slide into his DMs.

"I mean, I'm at the point right now where I don't really talk about what I'm doing relationship-wise," he said. "What's out there is out there. I'm just focusing on myself right now."