Why Did Lenny Disappear From Good Bones?

Good Bones, the hit HGTV home renovation show, is buoyed by the chemistry of its two leads, mother-daughter duo Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine. But fellow contractor Lenny, who led their handy helpers throughout the first few seasons of the show, also made a significant impression on fans, who were confused when the burgeoning favorite disappeared as Good Bones was renewed once again. 

So, what happened to Lenny? Is he on bad terms with the Two Chicks and a Hammer owners who are also, it has to be noted, technically part of his family? And is there any chance he'll return to help them out on the hit show again? 

Lenny is technically part of the family

First off, let's explore the complicated family connection. Essentially, to put it simply, Laine was originally married to Starsiak Hawk's father, Casey, and the couple had three children together before splitting up. He later got remarried to a woman named Cheryl, who was previously married herself to Lenny, and they had two children together also.  

Prior to Cheryl's untimely death, however, she actually remarried general contractor Lenny, who himself later found love with a woman named Ginger, which makes him basically family. And, if you found any of that even a little bit confusing, Starsiak Hawk and Laine made a whole video for HGTV explaining the many branches of their family tree. 

Lenny was sidelined for business, not personal, reasons

Good Bones is all about transparency and renovating a home by the most cost-effective means possible, which is the mission statement behind Two Chicks and a Hammer, too. According to RealityStarFacts, during the third season of Good Bones, it became clear Lenny and his firm were simply too expensive for the ladies to continue using them. It's unclear whether there's any bad blood there, but hopefully not since they are (technically) family.

Thankfully, there's nothing that could break our favorite mother-daughter duo up, even if viewers recently became concerned Laine would be taking a step back from Good Bones. Deadline confirmed the show had been renewed for a fifth season, but Laine is going to concentrate more on DIY projects instead of renovating entire homes.

Starsiak Hawk posted a message on Instagram to celebrate the pair's decade in business together and took the opportunity to reassure fans, writing, "Although she is taking a step back from the day to day operations, a piece of her will always live on with this company as we carry on with our mission of 'revitalizing Indianapolis one property at a time' #mammachick (She will still be part of Good Bones)."