Clare Crawley's Ex Weighs In On Her Breakup With Dale Moss

Is it just us or has Bachelor Nation's Clare Crawley been cursed? In what will, undoubtedly, go down as one of the most pitiful moves in Bachelor Nation history, Crawley's ex-fiance, Dale Moss, released a public and "mutual" statement announcing their decision to split. We were disappointed, of course, but getting over it.

Then we found out that Moss' statement wasn't mutual at all, that Clare was as surprised as the rest of us, and that she had been "genuinely invested with all of her heart" in her relationship with Moss (via Instagram). Have you heard about the (unsubstantiated and disputed rumors) that Moss has been cheating on Clare for the duration of their entire engagement (via Cinema Blend)? We're not going to get into it here, but, like, dude.

Or, to quote Bachelor Nation's Ben Higgins, who called Moss out on Access Hollywood, "It's so wrong." Former Bachelor star, Juan Pablo Galavis, has also spoken up. You'll remember that Clare Crawley might have ended up with Galavis. She didn't, in part, per Distractify, because Galavis allegedly whispered something obscene into Crawley's ear, "something that no woman wants to hear ... It was insulting and it was offensive."

Is Juan Pablo Galavis reaching out to Clare Crawley?

"I hope she is OK and have always wished her the best," Juan Pablo Galavis told US Magazine when they reached out to him. Galavis refrained from trash-talking Dale Moss "as I don't know him personally." He further said, "Someday she will find the right guy to be her husband, have kids and it will be the way her father always wanted." On the face of it, they're nice sentiments. But, are we wrong to wonder why Galavis had to bring Crawley's father into the equation? Isn't Crawley deserving of a happy ending all of her own?

There's another reason we doubt the sincerity of Galavis' statement. Remember back in March when Galavis snarked via Twitter that it was going to be "INTERESTING seeing [Clare Crawley] get hit on by KIDS on their 20s," after her Bachelorette season was announced?" Yeah, not cool. And then in November, after Crawley and Moss got engaged, Galavis took to his Twitter soapbox again, this time, he liked a fan's tweet. "You know Juan," it said, "We all thought she dodged a bullet with you but I think you dodged a bullet with her" (via E!). So excuse us, if we just call this one like it is. Juan Pablo Galavis, your words come too little, too late.