The Most Expensive Outfits Kamala Harris Has Ever Worn

Since before her time in office as the first female vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris has intrigued people not just with her political command but with her bold wardrobe choices (via British Vogue). A no-fuss politician, Harris doesn't come across as a lover of frills or bows, bejeweled or over-the-top looks. Rather, she's a "get down to work" politician, and her outfits say just that.

But, of course, there have been some standout moments throughout Harris' career that have caught the attention of the internet, and no, we're not talking about her pointed line of questioning while she was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Those moments were (and are) made up of the impactful fashion statements she's brought to the stage, many of which have taken Twitter by storm.

Since occupying the office of vice president, Harris seemed to have kept her down to work style, but after some digging, we discovered just how pricey some of those no-fuss ensembles cost. What designer is Harris' go-to? How much did her inaugural outfit cost? And what about her designer shoe collection? Get ready, because these are the most expensive outfits that Kamala Harris has ever worn.

Kamala Harris' custom dress for the inauguration cost a pretty penny

While most people would say that all eyes were on President Joe Biden the day he was inaugurated as the United States' 46th president, some would argue that it was Vice President Kamala Harris who stole the show. Her inauguration was historical and groundbreaking; and despite any disagreements in politics or policy, it was amazing to watch a woman take her place in the second-highest office in the country. 

Of course, the outfit for such an occasion had to be memorable, and Harris employed the creative expertise of New York-based designer Christopher John Rogers to create her look. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Harris paired her Rogers fit — a dress and coat ensemble in a gorgeous purple — with an American flag pin made by designer David Yurman and a string of pearls from Wilfredo Rosado. 

Because the look was custom, we don't exactly know how much it cost the VP, or if Rogers gifted it to her. But given that his designs run at around $3,995 on Net-a-Porter, it's safe to put Harris' inaugural day outfit in that wheelhouse.

Kamala Harris turned heads after her victory was announced

After days of what felt like agony for both 2020 presidential campaigns, the results from each state finally trickled in, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named the winners over the incumbents, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. After a week in which everyone in the country was holding their breath, Biden and Harris took to the stage and celebrated their victory in an event that was full of speeches and some pretty impressive fireworks. 

Harris' outfit for such an occasion did not disappoint. As noted by Harper's Bazaar, Harris chose an ivory suit from designer Carolina Herrera, a possible nod to the women's suffrage movement. Shelby Ivey Christie, a writer and fashion historian, tweeted that the all-ivory look could've also been an homage and celebration of the Black community. 

Here are the outfit details you need to know: the blazer was a tapered, double-faced design that, according to the designer, is "an updated take on timeless white tailoring." How much did it set Harris back? Well, it was $2,290 for the blazer alone. Add the trousers, costing $990, and you have a painfully expensive outfit that few of us could afford.

This casual look from Kamala Harris came with a hefty price tag

Kamala Harris is known for a couple of things: her groundbreaking political career, her intense questioning tactics, her dance moves, and her Chuck Taylor converse shoes. Harris has been spotted in the footwear on many occasions, with it becoming a trademark of sorts for her political campaign and approach to policy. But according to The Zoe Report, not all of her Chucks are alike, and the ones she was spotted in during an October 2020 campaign stop had some details. 

While we're all sporting the regular high tops, Harris opted for a pair that said "2020" on them, accompanied by campaign buttons. Of course, the VP didn't leave her impressive outfit at just the shoes. She also opted for a $1,180 gingham blazer from the designer AMI Paris. As noted in the blazer's description, the outerwear aimed to "redefine... effortless style." Given that the VP paired the expensive blazer with a pair of shoes that most of us can get in our local Macy's, it's good that the look walked the line between elegant and approachable.

Kamala Harris pulled out all the stops when she got her second coronavirus vaccination

For those of you who got the coronavirus vaccine, did you wear a Dolce & Gabbana suit that cost literal thousands? Because Kamala Harris did. As noted by Sourcing Journal, the VP wore a suit from the Italian designer while getting her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. We just about fainted over these details, so here you go. The blazer, a "virgin wool blend" in a tinny, micro check print, cost $2,395 on its own. Yes. And according to the blazer's description, the inside lining of the piece is just as important as the outside — it is a leopard print, after all. 

The coordinated trousers to fit the blazer's micro print are, according to the description, "the height of romanticism, femininity and Italian luxury." And all that better be on display because the pants cost $875. So while we have all been existing in the same sweatpants since March of 2020, downing boxes of Cheez-Its and re-watching Schitt's Creek for the millionth time, Harris went and became vice president and started wearing Dolce. Just sit with that for a while.

While campaigning for another politician, Kamala Harris wore this expensive look

It's not uncommon for politicians to campaign for one another — Barack Obama came out and campaigned for Joe Biden, Joe Biden went out and campaigned for the Georgia Democrats — everyone seems to help everyone. And that was the case when Kamala Harris went and campaigned for Senator Bill Nelson of Florida in 2018. As noted by the The Miami Times, Harris and Nelson stopped at four different churches on their campaign tour and were met with some very enthusiastic crowds. 

According to Kamala's Closet, a fashion blog that documents the VP's sartorial selections, Harris busted out one of her go-to designers, Akris, and wore a wool crepe jacket and coordinated dress in a gorgeous blue. This was, of course, a couple of years ago and the dress Harris wore is (as of publication) no longer available. However, the jacket is available at Saks, so we were able to get an idea of just how much the outfit cost. The jacket, a three-quarter sleeve look with an open front and silk lining, set the then-senator back $2,990. Yes, you read that correctly. We don't even want to know how much the dress cost.

Kamala Harris wore this expensive coat the night before the election

We're just going to say this now to get it out of the way: we LOVE a coat moment, and no politician seems to do coats better than Kamala Harris. And get out of the way, inauguration day coat, because this grey cashmere coat that Harris opted to wear at a drive-in rally in Pennsylvania is literally to die for. As noted by the Inquirer, Harris made a stop at the rally on the eve of the election, so emotions were running wild. Harris knew that it was going to be chilly and, of course, that she needed to look in charge, so she opted for the gray-toned cashmere coat from designer Max Mara, according to The New York Times

As minted by its description, the coat was hand-sewn and inspired by "historic military style." It featured a flared hemline and was brought together with a belt tucked in at the back. So how much did this exquisite coat set the VP back? Hold onto your hats: $6,690. We'll give you a moment. Welcome back. It still cost more than four months of rent for many people.

Kamala Harris stunned when she spoke at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention looked a lot different in 2020 than it typically does. The DNC is usually a days-long affair with speeches, votes, lots of screaming people, and, to Bill Clinton's joy, lots of balloons. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 convention was pretty much all virtual and featured literally no one in the audience. It was, however, still an amazing moment because the world watched as Kamala Harris spoke, addressing her bid to become the next vice president. Her outfit was stellar (and we'll get into that in later), but it was her necklace that really stood out. 

As noted on Irene Neuwirth's website, Harris opted for a pearl link necklace from the jewelry designer, something that Neuwirth is seemingly very proud of. Harris is known for wearing pearls, and this particular necklace in question was 18k gold and featured a combination of South Sea and Akoya pearls; it was 18 inches long, gorgeous, and handmade in Los Angeles (perhaps a nod to Harris' home state). The cost? $11,480. We'll let that sink in.

Kamala Harris chose this expensive dress while accepting an honor from Glamour magazine

Carolina Herrera is a go-to designer for the VP, and it's not hard to understand why; Kamala Harris has a very "no frills, let's get down to business" attitude and approach to politics, and it seems like she has the same approach to fashion. So when she opted for a black, bell-sleeve dress from the designer while attending Glamour magazine's 2018 Women of the Year Awards, it didn't come as a huge shock. 

Here's what you need to know: Harris was the honoree at the event, and was introduced to the audience by the stunning Lupita Nyong'o. She spoke about truth, power, and speaking from the heart — all lessons that we can learn from — and did so while looking very chic and glamorous (no pun intended). As noted by the dress' description, the designer sought after "timeless elegance and a modern sophistication," which explains Harris to a tee. 

The little black dress was made in Italy, crafted out of a wool blend, and featured a sweet bell sleeve moment. The cost? $2,490. Don't mind us while we go breathe heavily into a paper bag.

Kamala Harris stunned in this outfit at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar party

On the night when Hollywood met Washington, D.C., Kamala Harris did not disappoint. According to CBS News, Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, attended the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar party and really aimed to make an impression. Emhoff looked sweet as always (look up "supportive spouse" in the dictionary and Emhoff is the definition), but Harris stole the show. She opted for a Pamella Roland gown that featured sheer paneling and sequins, and she absolutely killed the red carpet. Was Harris destined to be the vice president or a movie star? Or both? Time will tell. 

The dress was figure-forming without being overly tight, and it was flirtatious without being boastful; it was just *chef's kiss.* Plus it had a back center slit. Like come on, Madame VP — we can't handle it! So what was the cost of this look? We're not entirely sure, as the dress is sold out. But given that Pamella Roland gowns start at a price of $3,300 at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, it's safe to say that Harris' Vanity Fair look is 110 percent out of our budget.

Kamala Harris looked amazing in this expensive look from 2014

We have to take it all the way back to 2014 — when #AlexfromTarget was trending, Frozen was literally everywhere, and '90s crop tops were making a comeback. Kamala Harris was serving as California's attorney general at the time (such a boss), and she attended the 45th annual NAACP Image Awards in a spicy little black number. The NAACP Image Awards, according to Essence, "celebrated the accomplishments of people of color in entertainment." Given that Harris is such a trailblazer herself, her attendance seemed completely in the realm of understandable. 

So what did Harris choose to wear for such an occasion? A sparkly, sequined illusion sheath dress from designer Monique Lhuiller. Here's what you need to know about the look: The dress featured three-quarter length sleeves (perhaps a favorite of Harris'), a fitted bodice, and silk lining. Harris paired the look with a simple pair of black pumps and her hair down and lightly curled at the ends. So how much did it cost her? According to Neiman Marcus, at least $2,500.

Kamala Harris' second inauguration day look cost quite a bit

Everyone was talking about the first outfit that Kamala Harris wore on her inauguration day — her stunning purple dress and coat paired with pearls — and we honestly can't get over the looks from that day in general (like Michelle Obama's). But not enough people were/are talking about Harris' second look. According to People, Harris changed into a gorgeous shimmery dress and coat from designer Sergio Hudson and looked stunning. She addressed the nation as vice president during the Celebrate America virtual inaugural event, and looked amazing while doing so. 

Luckily for us, the designer chatted about the inspiration behind the look. "We kept the silhouette very structured and tailored, because that's who the Vice President is," Hudson told Harper's Bazaar. "But the liquid sequins give her glamour and shine, because her influence and the way she's broken barriers is a light for so many of us. She shines so we can all shine." Don't mind us while we go cry. 

So how much did the outfit set back the VP? $895 for the dress alone, not even including the coat. It's ok; we can live vicariously through her.

For her first weekly lunch with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris opted for this designer look

This was a surprising move from the VP, we won't lie. According to Sourcing Journal, Kamala Harris chose a Dolce & Gabbana sweater, adorned with a sneaky see-through lace paneling, for her first full day as vice president. She looked stellar, there's no denying it, as she went about her day as the nation's most powerful woman, and met with President Joe Biden for their first weekly lunch. 

But here's the interesting part about this particular look and designer: Dolce & Gabbana reportedly has a less-than-cute past and reputation. With allegations of racism, homophobia, and sexism, the designer isn't super squeaky clean — and Harris is usually very aware of the designers she wears and what they represent. Vittoria Vignone, who runs a blog entitled Kamala's Closet, told Sourcing Journal that she was shocked by the choice. "Dolce & Gabbana are infamously political in a way that is opposite to everything Kamala and the Biden-Harris administration supports, which to me meant wearing them was a mistake," she said. Well, that mistake cost $1,150.

This coat that Kamala Harris wore on the campaign trail cost quite a bit

We love coats. Kamala Harris loves coats. We should all get together and just share our coats to make things easier. We can supply a clearance rack Target coat, and Harris can supply this Moncler puffer coat that we're dying to get our hands on. According to the style blog What Kamala Wore, which is dedicated to documenting Harris' fashion choices, the VP opted for her trusty Moncler puffer jacket to keep her warm on the campaign trail. While at a stop, she paired the puffer with her statement pearl necklace and earrings, and, of course, her famous Chuck Taylor converse. 

So what's so amazing about the Moncler puffer? Well, as noted by the coat's description on Neiman Marcus's website, the puffer "is the outerwear equivalent of a [little black dress]." It features a down fill that's intended to keep the wearer warm and cozy, but not bogged down, and it actually has a figure-flattering shape, which is sometimes impossible to find in a puffer. So how much could it really be, you might ask? Moncler puffers start at $1,630. So if we wanted to get one, we would have to go on a payment plan.

The outfit that Kamala Harris wore when she accepted her VP nomination came with quite the price tag

It was quite the monumental moment when Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president of the United States. Regardless of political party, it was a big deal, just as it was when Hillary Clinton snagged the presidential nomination four years earlier. We need more women in politics across the political spectrum.

Kamala Harris certainly took the opportunity to shine, and her outfit did not disappoint. As noted by Vogue, she opted for a pantsuit from the designer Altuzarra in a gorgeous red wine color. At first glance, the color of the suit was just flattering, but Vogue found a potential hidden meaning behind it: The colors of the women's suffrage movement were white, gold, and purple, and given that the suit was a combination thereof, it could very much have been a nod to the women who had come before her. 

So how much did the symbolic (and well-tailored) look cost? The suit jacket alone was $1,595, and the pants were $695. But it was a priceless moment, so what else could we have expected?